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VOICEOVER Translation Services

The voice-over translation lets you have the audiovisual content in your own native language. It transforms foreign audio content in the target language synchronizing it with the video. For example, there is a French film. The producer wishes to wider its market internationally. He will approach the professional voice-over translation talents. The clip will be converted into the target language. The translated video will be handed over to the client. The client will easily be able to use it for the target audience.

When people see videos or any audiovisual content in their own language, they feel connected and it is easier for them to retain the information. Most businesses today prefer having their audiovisual literature in multiple languages to target the larger crowd. There are various online voice-over translation services that would have a team of specialists in both translators and voice-over artists too. Sometimes, a translator can also give the voice-over. Their expertise is that they can translate and give the voice-over in the target language without changing the context of the script.

What Industries Demand Voice-over Translations?

Voice-over translation services are demanded from various industries. Most prominently from film and advertising agencies. But, with online education forming its stage, there are various voice-over services online which provide voiceover translation services for the educational audiovisual documents too. Let’s see the details- 


  • Film and Media- The voice-over translation, subtitling, and dubbing have made international cinema reach our doorsteps. For example, there is a documentary which is available in English. The director or the producer of the film wants this film to be reached on local levels. So they’ll approach the voice-over translation services online. Similarly, types of films include short films, feature films, etc. The voice-over translation is also required for live news announcements.
  • Marketing and Advertising Agencies- The advertising companies want their ads to be available in multiple languages. There are advertisement narrations, dialogues, or animation character dialogues that should be available in more than one language. Many governments also focus on delivering public advertisements in local languages. They explain their schemes and plans through this so that the message is conveyed clearly and to every socio-economic class.
  • Education Industries- With the pandemic disturbing the entire educational system, various e-learning apps are obtaining the market. One single topic needs to be available in multiple languages. Imagine the scope of the voice-over translation in this new normal. For a better understanding of the students, teachers are also using these e-learning apps.
  • Manufacturing- For the expansion of the business, many entrepreneurs emphasize providing process videos in various languages. When the product is manufactured completely, there are videos that provide the information on how to use it? For a better understanding of the user, the videos are made with the narrations in various languages. It improvises the user experience of the consumer.
  • The Gaming Industry- Slowly and steadily game developers are focusing on multi-lingual gaming. The voice-over translation is becoming an integral part of the gaming industry too. These are mostly used in role-playing games. It is a great experience for the player to feel the characters talking in the native language. It further develops the virtual atmosphere for the player.


The audiovisual content is more understandable than the text. That is why many industries spend a huge amount of money on visual advertisements. They also prefer hiring the best voiceover translators in order to mark their presence locally as well as globally. 

Following are some benefits of voiceover translation. 


  • Sometimes, it is preferred over subtitling. Because the text requires more concentration. It distracts viewers from visual actions. The voiceover goes along with the video and does not require the special attention of the viewer. 
  • The subtitles may get into the frame distracting viewers from watching what’s on the video. 
  • When there is more than one character talking, it is difficult to subtitle them and it is confusing for the audience too. It takes a longer time to understand who is talking what. By the time it is understood, the scene is already gone.
  • The voice-over translation also stands out over the transcriptions. For example, there is an e-learning video that is played in English. There is a transcript coming on the screen in a native language. The concentration is divided and the student or the learner is unable to understand the main context of the video. The whole motive of the video remains unachieved. 
  • Hence, when the voice-over is in the translated language, it ensures that the content is completely aligned with the video. 
  • Most of the voice-over translation companies have tie-ups with the high-end recording studios where post-production work is done. This work includes sound syncing, cleaning audio files, sound normalizing, and rechecking the voice-over video. 


The best voice-over artists communicate with the characters that are playing on the screen. He feels the script and tries hard to best align with the language and characters. One should look for the following points before hiring a voice-over translation agency. 


  • Multilingual Artists- An agency needs to have a range of voice-over artists. Because when the client approaches the agency, they mostly aim to do the voice-over translation in more than just one language. Of course, the client will choose the agency where he can get all the translations done at once rather than going to two or more agencies. This is because it’ll cost the client time and money. 
  • Types of Audio Files Accepted- Almost all the voice-over translation agencies accept all audio formats. And they must do this so because technology is evolving every minute. The acceptance of all the file types will bring them more business and convenience for the client. 
  • Best Voiceover Recording Facilities- With the technology updating every minute, the recording studios need to update it too in order to meet the client’s expectations. The higher the technology used for the recording, the better the quality and the results. The client will come back to you if you give quality results.  
  • Certified Translators- There are ISO-certified translation agencies. Since these translators are expert translators, they will not just provide business, language, or document translation, they also do script translations. It is better to hire them because they will bring the best results by providing great sense to the translated script. 
  • Voice-over Facility for All Styles- Our voiceover services are provided for the following – 
  1. Commercial
  2. Animation
  3. Audiobooks
  4. Video games
  5. E-learning
  6. Corporate 
  7. All Types of Films
  8. Announcements
  9. Narration And many more…..
  • All Types of Voice-over Artists- Every audio clip, every style, and every type of audio clip requires different voice-over artists. For example- For animation cartoons children artists are required. Sometimes only female artists are required. If the character in the film is elderly, an old-aged artist is required. Look for the agency which has the best voice-over translators for all types.


  • Online Submission of the File
  • Voice-over Translation and Recording in Process
  • Voice Over Submitted

These are the three major steps that are followed by voice-over translation services. There are various online voiceover translators who accept files in any format.



The time and cost of voice-over translation is majorly determined by the following factors-


  • Time Length of the Clip- The longer the clips are the longer will be the time required for the final submission. The process of the voice-over translation involves getting the script translated from certified translators. Then the script is given to the artists. So the time is calculated, the translation time required + the recording time required+ the post-production. Yes, it is quite a lengthy process. But short scripts can be done faster, such as announcements. Also, the charges are determined according to the length. It is on a per-second basis for the recording and per word for translation. Generally the feature film voice-over translations will charge more and require a longer time. They prefer to hire professional voice-over translation services only.
  • A Number of Voice-over Artists- The other factor that determines the time and money required is the number of voice-over artists. Sometimes more than one artist is necessary. Their scheduling and availability of the artist may take longer. If the number of artists increases, the cost of voice-over translation also increases. If it is a child or an old aged artist, the charges are different.

Types of Voice Over Translation

Following three are the types of voice-over translation,


  1. The UN-style Translation- It is when the translated voice-over is played while overlapping the originally played audio clip. In the beginning, the audio volume of the clip is normal and is slowly reduced. Then the audio volume of the translated voice-over is increased. So the sound is overlapped. Original audio in background in a minimal volume and translate voice-over in a high volume. 
  2. Descriptive or Instructional Style- For this type of dubbing only one voice-over artist is needed. The artist narrates the actions on the TV. It is used for informative videos or shows. It is also used for e-learning apps. There is no exact script-to-script translation required. Eg. wildlife shows on discoveries. 
  3. Dialogue Replacement- It is when the artist fully overrides the dialogues. There is no lip-syncing required. This sometimes needs more than one artist.
  4. Dubbing Method- It is when the entire film or a documentary is rendered in the target language voiceovers. It needs to be synchronized with the on-screen scenes. All the other sounds other than dialogues such as sneeze, yawns, hiccups should be re-recorded from the same artist in order to maintain uniformity.  


PEC Translations is an ISO-certified translation agency. We also provide voiceover services as we have great support from professional voice-over talent and a wide range of certified translation experts. At PEC, we strive to become one of the best voice-over translation agencies as we can fulfill all your voice-over translation requirements in one go.

  • Professional Voiceover Talents in Multiple Languages- We select a voice-over artist who has proven experience in voice-over work in the native language. Our artists make sure that they meet the standards of audio conversion.
  • Script Translation From Certified Translation- We are after all doing it all to make sure it reaches the target audience. Only certified translators will translate your script. They are experts in both source and target language. They are authorized to give the statement of translation which further assures the authenticity of the script translation.
  • Latest Technology Used for Recording- Our recording studios are equipped with high-end technology instruments. Because we know that you have approached us for high-quality output.
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed- We affirm that the final output will catch up to your expectations. Our team of experts in voice-over and translations will assure that the standard process is followed for both giving satisfying results.
  • Confidentiality- The clip’s content is confidential data. We understand that you have a plan set for its release. We promise not to leak it. Also. we adhere to the copyright laws.
  • Only Human Voice-over and Translations- We do not use any AIs or machines, neither of translations nor for the voice-over recordings. Machines cannot replace humans. The feeling and the empathy that a human artist can give cannot be achieved through machines. There are many voice-over services online. But make sure to choose the right one for you.

No matter what type of a clip you require a voice-over translation for, it is always better to hire a professional voice-over translator. They assure the quality. When you plan to do it on your own, there will be a high chance of missing out on the technicalities resulting in the poor quality of the work. Professional voice-over translator services have experts in both translations as well as expert voice-over artists. 

A big NO-NO for this. The voice-over software cannot relate to the characters. It cannot understand the context of the clip and may end up translating wrong. Which will further mislead the content. If you rely on the voice-over software, it will be very blunt with no empathy in the content. Humans can feel the script and connect to the characters. They can add emotions that machines cannot.  

Yes, there is a difference between voice-over and dubbing. But understand that voice-over requires a dubbing process. However, there is a difference in both. Voice over is used for story-telling or narration purposes. The primary objective of dubbing is information retention. 

You can easily choose what you need because the following is the list that will differ on whether you require voice-over or dubbing- 

Voice over is required for-

E-learning and training videos


News announcements

Film narrations(between the two dialogues)


Dubbing is required for-

Television shows

Feature films

New online streaming apps(Netflix, Hotstar, etc. )

Dubbing takes two forms- lip-syncing and voice replacement. 

There is no fixed answer to this as the range may change based on various factors. 

Length of the clip- The voice-over translation agencies charge on a per-second basis. The longer the clip is the higher will be the cost.  

Similarly, the longer the audio clip is, it will take longer the final output. 

Voice over artists required- So if there is more than one artist required for a voice-over, it’ll obviously cost more. When there are two or more artists involved their recording time rises and further extends the output date. 

Target language of the translation- The certified language translators will translate your script. They assure the quality of the target language content. The cost also depends on which language the content needs to be translated. Generally, local languages need lesser pricing and vise a- versa. 

These are the three major factors that decide the price of the project.

We at PEC translation services, follow all the standard procedures to provide quality of the translated voiceovers. It involves the following steps- 

  1. Collecting the data and necessary information. 
  2. Giving it to our translators.
  3. The translator listens and writes down the original script. 
  4. He/she translates the scripts in the target language.
  5. The translated script is given to the language-specific voice-over artists. 
  6. The voice-over is recorded in a high-tech recording studio. 
  7. Post-production is completed by the technicians. 
  8. We hand you over the fine copy. 

Yeah.. the process is lengthy. But quality doesn’t come fast and easy. To ensure the quality of the output we are very precise in following all these steps.