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Gaming on mobile laptops and computers is quite growing these days, youngsters are enjoying gaming globally. In this era of modernization, gaming is said to be a new career option for most youngsters, and they are earning pretty well. Gaming includes a lot of graphic icons and colors that need to be understood by the player while playing. The growth in the gaming industry and gaming career has increased the need for translation services in this mobile and video gaming growing evolution. Several gaming tournaments are conducted by these players and rewards are given which ultimately increases their gaming position and ranking. Even the best players are being called to trial and check the newly launched game which is yet to be introduced to the Global audience. At the time the manufacturing country and the trial player country can differ and as there is a language barrier that will occur. Even in the cases where some algorithms and graphics need to be translated in a game.

English is not the primary language in most countries and then that player will find it difficult to play such games and will surely avoid it. So the solution for this is nothing but translation services which offer mobile and video game translation. In which every aspect of the game and every icon and color is translated as per the audience. And surprisingly a new set and a different set of games with having a uniform standard mechanism but different languages are being launched in every different country. This is nothing but mobile and video game translation, there are a lot of agencies that offer these services and it is mandatory to have translation than in video gaming. Or else there can be legal issues imbibed with it such as frauds can take place while playing as the can we issue in understanding the algorithms and languages which is not appropriate for the player as well as the game manufacturing company as it will reduce the number of users due to the limitation of language and translation.

Why Mobile & Video Games Translation Services is Required?

Translation work involves translating take a string from responsibilities of audio files quality translation accurately into print the words in a games dialogue and text elements including text with graphics full stop it also ensures the proper usage of word and phrases as they are applied in the context of target language country or region. Further translated game content must sound natural In The Gamer’s environment it must be relatable to his or her cultural experience. Translators and review were needed to be allotted enough time to assimilate the regional guidelines and glossaries. The translation is very much required in the gaming sector because if there is an error in the language of the algorithm of the game this will disturb the player’s experience and as well as the game manufacturing company regulation. Finally as a debate in the industry but the potential benefits and providing translators with access to the developers studying server allowing them to understand the content in text.


Culturalization- The translation process also includes culturalism in which the tension is focused on the translation to make a dialogue and text as genuine and natural sounding as possible in every country and region and the local area. Culturalization is necessary to make the game relatable to all users which is a ki quality gold that largely makes the difference between the quality game and the seemingly unnatural power-produced games this is possible when the translation services have been availed by the game manufacturer and developer.


Internationalization- If you want to take your game International and beyond the boundaries of a country, the game must be available in multiple languages as per the preferred player and country. This is important because the players are not familiar with the language used in the game; they will never show interest towards it internationalizing in any language and in particular to a. Internationalisation

Benefits of Mobile & Video Games Translation Services

Choosing the right translation service provider can result in your translation penetrating a wider market. This is when it comes to getting a translation done quickly and easily. First used would be Google translate but why to compromise in quality when you have it all. Translating into different languages is not as simple as it seems to me. It takes a deeper understanding of the multitude Of Cultural differences in the layers that the measure is spreading across. Choosing a translation service provider that can add to the Multi-Link with expect of a deeper understanding of these cultural undertones and not only will influence the translation of your message into a foreign language favorably but it will also generate a wider reach of your hand making it resonate with the cultural framework and identify the target audience.


Translating your content into a foreign language can boost consumer trust and increase your revenue.Translating your content and more video games and mobile languages into foreign ones can generate a positive multilingual experience for the users who think consumer trust in the game and increased revenue as internet users are more likely to buy when accessing the information about India relative language. Increase in numbers of users. By availing of the service of translation for the mobile and video game it will ensure that you have more subscribers to the game and more users and loyal customers throughout. This allows your audience to engage more with your brand and your product as it’s there in their relative language. Ultimately increasing the traffic towards your game and also translating it into different languages can generate a high conversion rate.

Process of Mobile & Video Games Translation

The process of Mobile & Video Games a translation is like any other translation. We provide translations for the Mobile & Video Game industry in the following three steps-

Process of Mobile & Video Games Translation
  1. We Take the Content (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It
  3. We Submit It Back to the Client (Online/Offline)

The client can submit the source content in three different ways-


  1. Online- Most of the content that needs translation is submitted online. The reading and viewing habits of the people are changing with the current scenarios. People prefer reading e-magazines or e-newsletters over hard copies. The audiovisual content is considered to be more approachable than the text. To match up with the trend, Mobile & Video Game houses are preferring to translate their e-content rigorously. In such cases, the Mobile & Video Game house will share the e-link of the content.
  2. Soft Copies- Soft copies should not be confused with online documents. The client submits the images or scanned copies of the documents. No link can be shared. For example, a client wants a page or two to be translated from the script of the documentary. He/she will only scan those pages or will take a picture from the phone and will share it with the translation agency.
  3. Hard Copies- It is when the client submits the hard copies of the source content. Such as a hard copy of the magazine. The client hands over the physical copy of it to the agency. Sometimes the Mobile & Video Game translation agencies provide pick and drop service of the documents too.

Translation of the Content- While translating the Mobile & Video Game content the translator considers the following things,


  1. The Target Language- The translator prepares the glossary and the style guides to render the source content to the target language.
  2. The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated.
  3. The Length of the Content- The time required for the content to be translated depends on the length of the content. For example, a translation of a marketing email will take a shorter time than the time required for the translation of an e-magazine.

The Submission of the Document- The agency gets back to the client with the complete translated document. Sometimes the Mobile & Video Game houses need a certificate of translation. PEC translation services has a group of certified translators who can give the certificate assuring the quality and completion of the translation.

Things to consider during Mobile & Video Games Translation

  • Understanding the International Market- With the new digital era spreading its web, the need for Mobile & Video Games translations has risen like never before. It is not just about online Mobile & Video Games translations, but it is also about offline Mobile & Video Games. When a Mobile & Video Game house plans to translate all its content, it must understand the international market. The companies must research which is the most suitable target audience for your content. While shortlisting the language, a Mobile & Video Game house must understand that it is better to get the content translated into more than one language. It will help target a larger audience in less time. 
  • Knowing the Scope of Translation Work- Once you know your target market, and the target language you wish to translate your content in, understand the scope of the translation work. Check for the following things.
    1. Connecting With the Audience– You can connect directly with the audience when you translate the content into multiple languages. Your audience reach will be higher than before. Your videos and audios speak for your company. They become the face of your company. Connect with the audience effectively by considering the audience.  
    2. Increase Sales- For instance, you have to translate the e-catalog of products and services that you provide. When the reader finds it in his/her native language, it is easily understandable. They’ll know which product or the service you are giving. 
    3. Improves Visibility- When your e-content is translated, the chances of your content getting more clicks are higher. This is because people can now give google inputs in their native language. In this case, google catches the content according to the language, your content visibility automatically increases.
  • Finding a Reliable Translation Service Provider- The second and the most important thing is to research the reliable translation service provider. Published content is mainly informative. If in case the translator fails to understand the target audience or the source content, there is a possibility that the misinformation is circulated to the target audience. A publisher must look for the following things while choosing the translation service provider
    1. ISO Certification.
    2. The Network of Translators.
    3. Quick Turnaround Time.
    4. Human Translations, No Tools Involved for Translations.
    5. Cost-effective. 

How Long Does Mobile & Video Games Translation Take?

Mobile & Video Games translations are cliched and a little complicated to perform. There is no definite answer to this question. The time required for completing the Mobile & Video Games translations is depended on the following factor-

    1. The Target Language- If the content is required for more than one target language it will take a longer time. 
    2. The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated. It can be a video, audio, or podcast. The more complex the content is, the higher the time required. 
    3. The Length of the Content- The time required for translating the content depends on the length of the content. For example, a translation of a research paper translation and video subtitling will differ depending on the time taken. 
    4. Complexity- Mobile & Video Games translations involve a lot of technical terminologies. Along with the length of the document, the complexity also determines the time required for the Mobile & Video Games translations.


Quality comes with a cost. The complex content of Mobile & Video Games fields requires expertise. So the charges may be higher. Mostly the price of the translation depends on the length of the source content. Mobile & Video Games translation services charge based on the following elements-

  • The Volume of the Source Content– The agencies charge on per word or a per-minute basis. If the source content is in text format, the charges are paid according to the per word basis. If the content is audio-visual content, the charges are applied on a per-second or per-minute basis. The larger the volume of the content the higher the cost will be. 
  • Language Complications– Some languages are complex to render in. Such as German. The language needs utmost grammar accuracy, proper syntax and sentence formations, and thorough knowledge of the vocabulary. Charges for international languages are higher than the regional or national languages. Also sometimes the content needs to be rendered in more than one language. So the charges increase accordingly. 
  • The Complexity of the Content- Mobile & Video Games documents are complex to understand. The translations of the same sometimes need expert advice. In this case, the agency has to spend some amount to consult with the subject matter experts. The translation agency considers the client before hiring the experts. The cost of this is included in the quotations and the client is charged accordingly. 

Considering all these aspects the Mobile & Video Games translations may seem a little expensive. But it is better to spend some amount to gain quality. Because the risk factor in Mobile & Video Games translation is high as it is directly related to human lives.

Types of Mobile & Video Games Services that we translate

  • Global Adaptation- Global adaptation of narrative design ensures the emotional core of your story and characters resonates worldwide. Our global team of games writers and narrative designers helps you adapt your ip for local market launches. Narrative designers define a game’s core emotional elements (character, theme, and brand identity) at source, so you can quickly adapt them to future individual target markets.
  • Game Localization- Use our industrial-strength processes, specialist games translators, and expert reviewers to localize your games for 40+ core languages, across all genres.
  • Translation and Localization- Tech document  localization produces technical translations for complex developer documentation and game engine support materials for all developers around the globe. Translation and localization localization analytics optimize your games localization strategies and forecasts through deployment of our comprehensive business intelligence frameworks.
  • Voiceover and Audio Production- Voiceover (VO) recording delivers top-quality hi-fi vo to worldwide players leveraging our global network of studios in every key market, staffed by sound engineers, artistic directors, and audio leads. Voiceover and audio production subtitling take advantage of our complete subtitling services (time code lists, transcription, spotting, syncing, glossaries, qa checks), assisted by top-tier automation technologies that speed your time to market.
  • Games Marketing Trailer- Localization produces localized voiceovers, subtitling, and edited images for games trailers, promotions and other short-form video content. Games  marketing content platform metadata localization makes your content or app globally accessible with precise metadata localization, like product descriptions, reviews, screenshots, policies, ratings, search keywords, product requirements, and more. Games  marketing global digital campaign opstranscreate, optimize, deliver, and track marketing campaigns in key target markets across all channels

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Mobile & Video Games Translation?

PEC Translations is one of the topmost translation agencies in Pune with 6+ years of experience and ISO certification. PEC translations can you with the translation process in the following way-


  • Range of Linguistic Experts- We have a huge range of linguistic experts, starting from local to global. Not just that, but all translators are certified translators. This means they are authorized to provide your translation with the statement of certification.
  • On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both.
  • Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- The document contains sensitive personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best language translation companies, providing accurate content and maintaining its privacy too.
  • Translation at Your Comfort- Online/Offline or Pick Up and Drop Facility, You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.
  • Only Human Translators, No Artificial Intelligence, No Machines- We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.
  • Patient and Responsive Customer Service- Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all your queries at any given time. They are equally keen to understand your needs and fulfill the same.