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Austria has unique diplomatic and collateral relations with many countries. For the smoother functioning of these international relations, the country has continued demand for professional translation services. These translation services have made global communications faster, easier, and fluent. It started taking shape when the world opened doors for more frequent international travels and trades. Breaking the cultural barriers, translations fill the gap between the known and the unknown language. May it be regional, national, or international, the translation agencies in Austria started aiming to have a range of language experts in all the largely spoken languages.

The combination of a boost in domestic or international travels and a surge in translation service providers brought the world closer. The gap between the service seeker and service provider is almost minimal today. The translation services in Austria are known to provide high-quality translations for personal, educational, and business documents in national and international languages. Other than this there are translation agencies in Austria that provide various translation services such as transcription, interpretation, voice-over or subtitle, and many more. 

Why Translation is Required?

Professional translation services are required when someone wishes to reconstruct the work from one language to another. The base of the emergence of these translation services lies back to times of globalization. It is when the transcultural trade became eminent. Language exploration started and became more prominent. But still, the fact is, not everyone can know all the languages. This is where the translation service providers started playing a vital role in day to day businesses. 

A certified translator is hired by the service provider to assure the accuracy of the document. The translator is allotted considering the type of the document.  It can be business, financial, literature, website, medical or legal. With an experience of 5+ years, we at PEC translation services are well-versed in the needs of the clients. Name it and we would bring the best for you.

Translation Services We Provide in Austria

Language Translation In Austria

Language translation is a very specific process. When someone needs language translation, they are demanding a translation on a very micro level such as translating a word or a phrase. The language translators are experts in both, source and target language. They translate the word or a phrase in a culturally and linguistically correct way so that the target audience easily understands it. To provide accurate language translation, the translator needs to have a thorough knowledge of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, words, and other contexts. There are translation agencies that have a group of language experts who can translate into multiple languages. Though there is an option for online language translators, it is better to rely on the certified language translators. They can successfully translate the content from one language to another with high accuracy. 

Document Translation In Austria

Document translation is a process of rendering the document from source language to target language. Various industries require document translation, such as legal, personal, financial, business, or research, and many more. This type of translation is considered a little difficult as the translator can receive any type of document. It can be educational, commercial, or personal. There are various expert document translators available online who can accept any given type of document translation.

Documents Translation_01
Business Translation_01

Business Translation In Austria

Today even the smallest company is serving the global platform. Business translations made it possible. The business translation service provider broke the language barriers and opened the gate to present even the local businesses globally. That is why the translation agencies started taking the business translations on priority. To explain further, let’s take an example. Imagine you run a business in one country and you are about to close the deed with another international company. You need to sign the deed at the earliest. The barrier is the language of the deed document. This is when you need professional business translation services in Austria. Several apps and websites can translate documents faster for you. But, there are limitations. Humans cannot be replaced by machines. Moreover, business translation documents are considered confidential and contain sensitive information. In such a situation, hiring certified business translators will be the best choice.

Certified Translation In Austria

A certified translated document is defined as the conversion of the documents that are assisted by a stamp or a signature and sometimes both at a time.  The document will be considered certified when it is accompanied by the statement of translation issued by the certified translator. These translators are hired by lawyers or by certified translation agencies. When it comes to legal document translation, only certified translators can give authorization. Following is a difference between a certified translation and certified translators- 

  • Certified Translator- A person who has pursued an education in translation and holds an authentic degree. This degree allows that person to practice the translation on a professional or commercial level. A certified translator is allowed to take the legal assignments as he/she has reached the level of expertise and holds experience in translation. 
  • Certified Translation- A translated document is called certified translation when the translator has supported the converted document with his statement of certification. A certified translator is allowed to give this as he/she holds the authority. It is mostly demanded by the lawyers who need this authorization on legal documents. 

Many online translation services have a group of translators working for the legalization of the translated documents. 

Certified Translation
Voiceover Services

Voiceover Services In Austria

The voice-over translation let you have the audiovisual content in your native language. It transforms foreign audio content in the target language synchronizing it with the video. For example, there is a French film. The producer wishes to widen its market internationally. He will approach professional voice-over translation talents. The clip will be converted into the target language. The translated video will be handed over to the client. The client will easily be able to use it for the target audience. When people see videos or any audiovisual content in their language, they feel connected and it is easier for them to retain the information. Most businesses today prefer having their audiovisual literature in multiple languages to target the larger crowd. 

Various online voice-over translation services have a team of specialists in both translators and voice-over artists too. Sometimes, a translator can also give the voice-over. Their expertise is that they can translate and give the voice-over in the target language without changing the context of the script.

Subtitling Services In Austria

The need for subtitling and subtitling translation services is on-demand like never before. The new digital streaming platforms have made sure that their content has reached the micro-level. It was possible only because of the subtitling and subtitling translation services. 

  • Subtitles- It is a text that appears on the screen while the video is being played. It is a transcription of the dialogues. It usually appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Subtitling Translations- For instance, you are watching a foreign film. There is a transcription that is appearing on the screen in your language. You get these translated subtitles in your language when the original script is translated from the source language. This process is called subtitling translations. The clients hire subtitling translation services to get the perfect subtitles that will not change the meaning of the dialogue. 

We Provide Voice Over and Subtitling-                                            

  •   Feature Films
  •   Ad films
  •   Short Films
  •   Business Promotional Films
  •   Audio Books
  •   E-Learning
  •   Animation Films 
Transcreation Services

Transcreation Services In Austria

A word transcreation is a combination of two words ‘translation’ and ‘creation.’ In this process, the translator adapts the content from the source language and sometimes tailors the content to match the cultural values of the target audience’s language. This process is more than just a translation. Though the translator tries to maintain the original tone, context, and style, he/she may take the advice of the cultural or creative experts and sometimes both. Transcreation is mainly required in advertising industries to translate the jingle, slogans, or captions in the target language without hurting the cultural emotions of the target audience.  Transcreation in translation requires a little re-engineering of the content to achieve the optimum brand identification in a foreign land. Following this super change, the translation service providers in Austria also have experts for transcreation services. 

PEC Provides Transcreation Services For- 

  •    Slogans
  •    Taglines
  •    Product Names
  •    Marketing content(emails or newsletters)
  •    Subtitles
  •    Digital Apps

Website Localization In Austria

It is a process of translating the website content into the local language of the target audience. This increases the reach of the website even on the micro-level. Various industries, such as manufacturing, e-commerce, or automotive, demand website localisation because many local languages do not have equivalent technical terminologies suitable for these industries. But the website translators do their job by providing them the content on the most understandable level. 

Your website is the face of your business. If it is available in native languages, the target audience finds it easier to search and purchase. There are high chances that your company will retain the customer for a longer time than just a one-time visit. There are various website localization services online which has a group of certified translators working with them.

Website Localization
Interpreting Services

Interpreting Services In Austria

Interpreting is different from translation and voiceover. It is a process of converting audio or the video or the signed language content into the understandable language of the receiver. 

There are main two types of interpreting services.- 

  • Simultaneous Interpretation-  There is a dedicated booth for the interpreter to sit in this type. He/she listens to the speaker using earphones or headphones. He/she then speaks the translation into the microphone. These microphones are wirelessly connected to the audience’s headphones  This service requires qualified interpreters and special techniques. There are interpreting services in Austria which provide you the best simultaneous interpretation services too. 
  • Liaison Interpretation- The interpreter works as a liaison between two parties. The speakers from both parties have to stop in between the conversation and give time to interpret, translate and converse the summary of the dialogues. It is mostly used in business and training meetings.

University Transcript Services In Austria

If you are an international student or if you aspire to become one, you know what university transcript translation means. Most of the international universities and institutions want your applications and supporting documents to be in their native language. Even if you have cleared language eligibility tests, they mandate you to translate your transcripts. These documents require certification of translation to pursue education abroad. Austria being an educational hub for many national and international students, there are some of the best university transcript services in Austria. 

Copywrite Translation

Copywriting Services In Austria

Copywriting is a type of content writing. It is the art of writing marketing content in a way to make people take action. These types of services are given for marketing materials, fundraising campaigns, products and services, promotions, and many more. The content is aimed at the target audience and to convert them into buyers. 

Book Translation In Austria

When a book writer wants to get the maximum Return On Investment(ROI), he/she must consider book translations. With hundreds of languages spoken by different people in the world, a writer should publish his book in multiple languages for his literature to be reached to the maximum readers. A reader connects with the book when he/she is reading it in his native language. 

 The complexity of the book translations depends on the type of book. Such a fictional book will be easier to translate than a biography. 

Types of Books Translations We Provide- 

  •   Academic Books
  •   Fictions
  •   Non-Fictions
  •   Biographies
  •   Textbooks
Book Translation
Global Translation_01

Global Translation In Austria

There are more than one thousand languages spoken in the world. But, for better business communications, not all of them are used. There are 5 popularly spoken languages in the world, English, Mandarin, Hindi, French, Spanish and Italian. Companies for business expansion, look forward to translating their business or a website in these languages at least. This is because the majority of the audience and the probable target market is situated in the countries that speak these languages. Companies that already have a base in various countries need global translations for technical user manuals, financial documents, or other documents such as market research reports too.

Proofreading Services In Austria

Proofreading is a process of testing, rechecking, and re-reading the text again and again to assure quality. The proofreading involves rechecking the concerns regarding grammar, factual, spelling, sentence structures. The proofreader does not go into details of the concept, idea, and plot. To conclude the proofreader is known to go through the entire document to correct typographical errors, such as spelling or punctuation mistakes. 

Proofreading Services We Provide- 

  •    Articles
  •    Thesis or Dissertations
  •    legal Documents
  •    Reports
  •    Personal Statements
  •    Website Content
  •    Whitepapers
  •    Books
  •    Important Communications (letters/emails)
Multilingual DTP

Multilingual DTP In Austria

Desktop publishing involves skills that enable the practitioner to present a variety of material such as manuals, menus, magazines, and books. The further process of multilingual DTP includes translating a document in adherence to the original layout and the content. In this process, only the content or the copy is translated and is used in the same format and layout using the same colors as the original text.

List of Languages We Translate in Austria

Content translation can come in any form such as documents, records, videos, and websites.  As there are various forms of source content, there are enormous numbers of languages in which the source content can be submitted. We at PEC have a wide range of native translations in local, national, and international languages. Our certified translators have extensive knowledge about both languages. 

We have expert translators in the following languages-

List of Documents We Translate in Austria

Each document carries a different purpose and information. The document translation has become necessary as one single document can be of use for various reasons. But to improve its credibility, translation is required. 

We understand that the documents carry sensitive information. That is why professional translation services play a vital role in maintaining the credibility of the document while translating it. We are bound to keep the documents secret and be transparent in our process. Our efficient translators are experts in translating the following documents. 

Commercial Document
Commercial Documents
Personal Documents
Educational Documents

Process of Translation Services

The translation services in Austria follow three simple steps for translation. It mainly involves-

Process of Translation Services
  1. Submit the Document (online/offline)
  2. We translate it
  3. We submit the translated document (online/offline)

Though it looks simpler, there are long detailed steps involved in the main translation process- 

  1. Once the agency allocates the task to the most suitable translator, the document or the content goes through the following steps. Taking the details from the client for any specific requirement. Such as if the content requires the involvement of the subject matter expert.
  1. Documents such as thesis or science research projects may contain terminologies that would require inputs from the subject matter experts. 
  2. The translator translates the content maintaining the semantic accuracy of the target language. 
  3. He assures proper syntax, spelling, punctuation, sentence cohesion. 
  4. A translator must adhere to the style guide and the glossary.
  5. Once the translator renders the document he/she must re-read and proofread the content by comparing the source and the new document.  
  6. Sometimes the translator also gives the document to LQA, linguistic Quality Assurance to cross-check the quality of the content. 

How Much Do Translation Services Cost in Austria?

There are many translation service providers in Austria, however, there is no fixed number for the cost of translations. The following factors determine the cost of the translation- 

  • Type of Service- The price depends on which type of translation is required. If it is a text document it will be on a per word basis. If it is a subtitle or voice-over translation, the charges will be on a per-second basis. So the price for the translation services that you ask for depends on what type you need it for.  
  • Length of the Content- May it be a document, video, or audio, the price of the translation depends on the length of the source content. When the document is longer the charges will be higher. University transcript translation will cost less than the entire book translation. Similarly, The price required to subtitle the feature film will be higher than the charges for the feature film. 
  • Multilingual Translation- Sometimes the content needs to be translated into more than one language. Services such as subtitling or transcreation, are demanded in more than one language by the marketing agencies. They also need more than one service in different languages. This increases the cost of the translation services. 

How long does the Translation Services take?

It simply depends on the type of content. The time required for transcription will be higher than the time required to translate the university transcript. Yet again there is no particular timeline for this. We at PEC translation services in Austria, understand time is money, and we will deliver you the translated copy in a given time. 

The word count- The higher the number of words, the longer the time required. 

The length of the document determines the time taken for the language translation. 

The complexity of the content- Sometimes the technical documents can be complex to understand for the translator. 

Translation speed of the language expert- High-experienced corporate language translators will take a shorter time than the fresher. 

Any other special requirement- Depending on the complexity of the content, some clients may ask for the subject matter experts for a better understanding of the content. This may take a bit longer as it all depends on the availability of the language and subject matter experts.

Things to Consider While Hiring Translation Service in Austria

Many leading translation agencies in Austria are well known for their translation services. Make sure you consider the following things before choosing the agency that fulfills your translation requirements. 

Certified Language Translator- When the translation holds the certificate of excellence, he/she has obtained the standard of accuracy of the source and target language. Clients must choose for the language translation agencies that have a group of certified language experts. Only these translators can provide the statement of certification. 

Proven Experience- (Portfolio or Samples)- One can also ask for sample translations or a portfolio of work done. This gives the client an idea about the translator’s capabilities.  And they should have the assurance of the work. 

Specialization Area- Language translation is required for various businesses, such as technical, medical, website, literature, or film. It is better to choose the best language translator depending on the area of specialization. 

The Purpose of the Translation and Target Audience- Every translator needs to understand why the content is being translated to the target language, who is the target audience? These factors determine the tone of the document. 

How PEC Translations Will Help You with the Translation Process?

PEC Translations is one of the topmost translation agencies in Austria with 6+ years of experience and ISO certification. PEC translations can you with the translation process in the following way-

Range of Linguistic Experts- We have a huge range of linguistic experts, starting from local to global. Not just that, but all translators are certified, translators. This means they are authorized to provide your translation with the statement of certification.

On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both.

Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- The document contains sensitive personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best language translation companies, providing accurate content and maintaining its privacy too.

Translation at Your Comfort- Online/offline or pick up and drop facility-
You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.

Only Human Translators, No AI, No Machines-
We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.

Patient and Responsive Customer Service-
Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all your queries at any given time. They Are equally keen to understand your needs and fulfill the same.