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A word transcreation is a combination of two words ‘translation’ and ‘creation.’ In this process, the translator adapts the content from the source language and sometimes tailors the content to match the cultural values of the target audience’s language. This process is more than just a translation. Though the translator tries to maintain the original tone, context, and style, he/she may take the advice of the cultural or creative experts and sometimes both. Transcreation is mainly required in advertising industries to translate the jingle, slogans, or captions in the target language without hurting the cultural emotions of the target audience.

Transcreation in translation requires a little re-engineering of the content to achieve the optimum brand identification in a foreign land. Some words can be considered as slang in some regions which will hit the cultural sensitivities of the target audience. Understanding this, the language of global advertising has changed drastically. It is not just about English anymore. The target markets need localized content to understand the product or the service. Following this super change, the translation service providers also have experts for transcreation services.

Why Transcreation Is Required?

Every business grows when it reaches the international levels. The larger the reach of the company the higher will be the brand identification. The transcreation helps your brand stand on a local and cultural level. Transcreation in marketing is a new trend and many businesses are willing to take it as the main advertising tool. 


The future of the product or the service that you provide is dependent on consumer satisfaction and their acceptance of the product. It is very tough to sustain in the global market. The market always demands something different. Even if your product or service is very common, you need to implement various creative ideas to sustain the competition. Transcreation helps you to directly connect with the target market on equal cultural levels. When you sensitize your content according to the culture of the target audience, the probable conversion rate increases. 


While translating the content of the advertising the sense of motivation and targeting the audience may get lost. But transcreation can bring both of them on track. The companies pay a huge amount to copywriters to achieve these two targets.  It reduces the risk of brand disintegration or miscommunicating the brand. It helps preserve your investment.


Transcreation makes your brand culturally acceptable. There are various benefits for which you should consider transcreating your brand.



  • Micro-level Marketing- A right and creative transcreation can directory hit the target audience. Rebranding your company to target the specific culture improves its acceptance. It is good to feel when the customer or your probable buyer will see your brand presenting the language that they speak. Your credibility automatically increases when you show them that you care about their culture and you respect it.   
  • Builds Brand Image-  Advertising is all about building your brand image. Companies spend a huge amount on brand image building. They wish to show how they stand out from the crowd by highlighting their USPs and targeting the audience culturally. The chances of brand erosion are almost minimal when the company connects with the customer culturally.  
  • Probable High Conversion Rate- The main goal of marketing is to bring in the business. Since people cannot forget about your brand, they will approach you again and again to buy your product or service. So there is a confirmed retention rate. The feedback, reviews, and mouth publicity will bring in new customers.
  • A Personal Touch to the Product- Remember the Pepsi ad on television with relationship tags on the cans. That is a super example of transcreation. Pepsi has done that. It did not just provide the cans with the name of the relations such as ‘LOVE, BRO, SIS, etc. It also spent some money on translating it according to its target markets. Ex. In India the cans came with the names such as BRO became BHAI, MOM became MAA and FRIEND became DOST. 

This is how transcreation can bring in the personal touch and connect with the customer.


All these terms are confusing as they have overlapping meanings. There is a difference in process, tone, and the approach of the converted content. Each term serves different purposes. Read further to clear this terminology-


  • Translation- This term does not need much of an explanation. It simply means translating the content from source to target language. The translator focuses on the words used in both languages. The translation is a part of localisation and transcreation.
  • Localization- Localisation is the next step of translation. A localised content meets the cultural expectations of the targeted audience. Translation focuses on language and localisation focuses on explaining the concepts. Translations are word to word and localisation liberates the translator to adapt the cultural sensitivities to make the content understandable. Localisation of the content can save you from offensive cultural differences which can have a drastic effect on the business.
  • Transcreation- Transcreation comes ahead of translation and localisation.  When localisation liberates the translation to achieve cultural sensitivities, transcreation combines creative translation and localisation. The transcreated content makes sure that your promotional content is reached to the targeted local audience in their language but in a creative way. They use a mix of languages, creative content, and visuals, and sometimes storytelling too. The meaning would not be the exact one like translations and localisations provide, but it can be tailored according to the need.


Creative industries such as advertising and promotional need services more than just the translations. These industries aim to sell their services or products keeping in mind the cultural connections and feelings. They focus on adding creativity to translated content emphasizing memories and emotions. To keep their product at the forefront, the ad agencies create connections through regional references. The software cannot explain the culture or an AI cannot give the creative touch to the content. Only humans experience cultural and regional differences. So, when brand’s opt for transcreation, they are building a brand image.


Your creative translation is three steps away-


  • Submit Your Document (Online/Offline)
  • We Transcreate It
  • We submit it to you (Online/Offline) 

The following five steps are must follow to get the quality of transcreation. 


  • Understand the Content- Transcreation is not required for all the promotion material. Some content needs only translations. Segregate the content. Know which content requires translation and which one needs the transcreations. You can reach the transcreation service provider when you want to transcreate the advertising jingles, slogans, tagline, or headlines. It is required when the advertisement has elements such as humor, phrases or idioms to be used. A client can go for a transcreation when the content should be within the frame of a particular style, voice and adhere to the specific culture. Once you submit the document to the transcreation service provider, they’ll help you differentiate the content for which you will require transcreation and translation. 
  • Find Out the Time Frame- The transcreation process requires a lot of brainstorming sessions. So, when you plan to include this process as your marketing strategy, it should be planned in a way advanced before the launching date of the campaign. The time frame depends on the quantity of the material and the number of target languages. Discuss all the details with your service provider and decide on the final submission date accordingly. It is better to have clear communication between the service taker and the provider.
  • Prepare a Brief- It is a creative work. The quality is more emphasized than the quantity. So to make the transcreation project successful it is important to have clear communication with the provider. It should be clearly explained to the transcreator what message a client wants to convey. A detailed brief should include, the target languages, tone, and message that needs the transcreation. It will be improper if the client expects the provider to understand what the message is.
  • Transcreation in Progress- After the transcreator is briefed about the requirements, the process begins. It includes steps such as- 
    • Analyzing the source content. 
    • Studying and relating the brief to the source content. 
    • Identifying the differences in target audience based on language, culture, and habits.
    • Preparing the do and don’ts. 
    • The expert transcreates the content. 
    • And presents it for review. 
    • It is given for the final production output.
  • Testing the Content- A client can test the transcreated content by conducting a consumer survey. Their feedback can always help enhance the content in the future. A client must understand that if their message is properly delivered and if there is any culturally inappropriate content involved. Because it will affect the brand image of the company.



As there is a difference between transcreation and translation, there is a difference in the time required for both too. The transcription takes longer than the translation. Transcreation needs more detailed briefing and brainstorming. To achieve the creative touch to the translated content, the transcreator reaches the client multiple times. There is no definite time for the time required to complete the transcreation project. It majorly depends on the two major factors- 


  • The Length and the Type of Content- The larger the container, the higher will be the time required. The transcreation needs creative brainstorming. The time required also depends on the type of content. Once the content is received from the client, the team sits with the creative team, including the translators, subject matter experts, and transcreation. These discussions take longer to come to conclusions.
  • The Number of Target Languages- If you need the content in more than one language it will take longer. Some businesses target more than one cultural group at a time to penetrate the market. They need content based on cultural sensitivities. This needs more time investment. The process takes longer as there is more than one language expert involved.  A client must plan way before launching a campaign if he/she is considering transcreation as a marketing option.



Choosing transcreation as a marketing option can be a little heavier for your pocket. But it assures the desired results. There is no fixed price for creative work such as transcreation. The translation is a word-to-word conversion of the content, but  transcreation is the creative translation. It is not as easy as to charge the client according to per word basis. The transcreation services charge the client on a per-project or hourly basis. They are priced like any other marketing agency. The client must pay for all the time that all the creative transcreators are involved in his/her project. The higher the creativity required, the higher will be the cost of the project. 

The transcreators are not charged on a per word basis, because they work according to the unit of the meaning. Human creativity cannot be automated, hence the more creative the work is, the more it will be costly.  Transcreation also requires translations. When the client aims for more than one market, he/she may demand multilingual transcreations. So, there will be a lot more people involved in the project, including translations. 

Knowing all these, make sure to allocate a separate budget from your marketing budget when you wish to go for a transcreation.


You will only approach a transcription agency when you are more specific about serving your target customer. We believe in the same. PEC is known as one of the best translation and transcreation agencies. Other than these two, we are Involved in serving various types of translation services, such as subtitling, voice-over, interpretation, and many more. PEC holds the following qualities to help you get the quality of transcreation-


  • Quality Assurance With Experience- At PEC translation services, we assure the quality of transcreation as our expert transcreators are thorough in the process of transcreation. They have gained extensive knowledge through years of experience in translation as well as in transcreation.
  • Native Translators and Speakers- We assure that only native translators and speakers carry out the transcreation process. They ensure that the local jargons and slangs are proper to use for the target audience.  The transcreators at PEC make sure that the content is culturally sound and is not hurting anyone’s emotions. The tone is neutral and with adherence to the actual marketing content.
  • Experts in Target Culture- Sometimes the project needs more than just the translators. Our transcreators also have a deep knowledge of the local market. They study buying habits, behaviors, socio-economic class, preferences and needs too. They study the brand, their prior advertising trend, and how they can use it to target the new market. The transcreator at PEC also learns about the advertising rules and regulations, commercial ad codes, and media restrictions if any to prepare the content accordingly.  This way we make sure to provide the transcreated content acceptable in the target market.
  • Cost and Time Effectiveness- We know that transcreation can be costly, but we make sure that it does not become a burden on your marketing budgets. We only provide transparent quotations. We do not like to hide any charges that we take from you. Our quotations can help you get clear with how we charge and what we charge for. So you can rely on us when it comes to doing transcreation in the budget.
  • Value for Time-  We do not just value your money, but we also believe in providing value for time. You are not just investing money, but you are also spending time with us. We know your advertising campaigns are scheduled to be released on certain dates, our creative team works hard to give you the best quality in the given timeframe.
  • No Tools Only Human Transcreators- No machines can add creativity to the content. Transcreation is a creative work. AIs or machines may understand the text but not the context.  Cultures are experienced by humans and not by various tools. So, our transcreators do not use any tools as help. They do it themselves. 


Transcreation is a creative translation. It is a combination of two words, ‘Translation’ and ‘Creation.’ It is a creative process of translating the  content from one source to the target language while considering the cultural difference of the target market. 

It is a crucial stage to choose the transcreation service provider. You can consider the following point before choosing a transcreation service provider.  

  1. ISO-certified translation services have the best linkage of the languages experts. 
  2. Native translators are the best to choose for the transcreation process. They know the language, culture, and media codes of the target markets. 
  3. They should not be using tools. Choose an agency that will have human translators only and that they are not dependent on tools. 
  4. The company should be able to provide quality content for the time and money that you are investing. 

The transcreation is more of copywriting than just a translation. In-Market writers and translators perform transcreation on a collaborative basis. Though there are linguists involved in the process, the prominent work is delivered by the transcreators. 

Every agency charges differently. The cost and the time for transcreation mainly depends on-

  1. The length and the type of the document. 
  2. The number of target languages. 

Transcreation helps businesses grow following way- 

  1. It allows a business to penetrate new markets. 
  2. Improves brand building and company reputation. 
  3. Helps stand out of the pack from the competitors. 
  4. Reduces the risk of company embarrassment. 
  5. Chances of high conversion and customer retention.