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Travel & Tourism Translation Services

Today the travel and tourism industry has become quite a big industry and it has evolved greatly over the period of time. It has grown tremendously over the past few years. There are many numbers of international tourists who travel to India and from India to other countries every year.  Language has always been an important factor that a tourist keeps in mind while he/she is travelling. In recent years the importance of travel and tourism translation services has been playing a major role in human life. At travel and tourism services the major services that have been provided are related to: Destination guides, Travel guides, Tour descriptions, Travel maps, Country where the tourists is traveling, Travel brochures, Newsletters, Hotels websites and many more. The services provided by the travel and tourism industry have a team of experts working on translating all important documents mentioned above in a most efficient and professional manner. All the language translated in travel and tourism related documents are translated in such a way that the original meaning of the text is not lost and the message that needs to be conveyed is done in the best possible way i.e. the beauty of services provided by travel and tourism translation services. As we all know that around the world there are approximately 6500 languages spoken and the importance of translation services in travel and tourism is of utmost importance.

The translation services provided with regards to travel and tourism are of the quality where every reader can understand the true meaning of the text or information in a smooth manner. The travel and tourism translation services have one of the qualities that their approach is a multidisciplinary one. They take various factors into consideration while translating text or information regarding all documents in the travel and tourism industry and these are: specializations in architecture, gastronomy, art, fashion, music, history/archeology, or even religion. Now to understand the aspect of travel and tourism translation service we can think of the following scenario. The number of travelers are preferring to explore new places outside their home country and due to globalization this can be observed from the past many years. Also there are diverse travelers travelling to many other diversified countries where they may face the language barrier while exploring the country. And hence give them complete information about the places and country which they are intending to visit translation services as a major source in helping them. Making tourism a topmost brand for any country it is important that each and every country does not create barriers in language and cultures and therefore the translation services in the travel and tourism industry are most important.

Why Travel & Tourism Translation Services are Required?

Around the world people from all cultures, all religions speaking different languages live. The pace at which the internet is speeding up has impacted many lives around the world, and this can be clearly observed in the travel and tourism industry. Just think of the traditional days when people used to travel and book tickets from the travel agents when the internet was not so popular and technology not so advanced. But now over the period of time the technology has changed drastically and the internet is a basic need of almost every human being. Now there are lots of sites that have opened up which are in the domain of the travel and tourism sector and many people now rely on them. 


Now, if we look at the recent time where people are used to online booking of travel tickets and booking holiday packages online where several businesses which are online provide customers best deals and services. There are many travel and tourism websites specially made for this public domain to ease their task of booking and managing hectic work. 

In addition to this online travel and tourism business is now expanding each day with growth in internet and technology and they want to reach the maximum number of people all over the world covering every corner. The ultimate aim of the travel and tourism industry reaching out to more people can be understood by conveying each and every information mentioned on the websites. 


The only way we can think of the online business of the travel and tourism sector reaching the maximum number of people covering both domestic and international markets is by translation only. With so many languages across many different countries in the world it is not feasible that travel and tourism businesses which want to reach out to people by conveying information and data on their website can be done with only one language. Hence it is of utmost importance that each and every language should be translated to the target audience for whom the marketing needs to be done. People always prefer the text or the information which they are reading on whichever travel and tourism websites that should be in their native language.


Though English being a global language it is not important that each and every person living on the earth will understand this language, there are no such laws. When any person planning a holiday with their friends or family or individually is definitely going to search for a lot of information about place, mode of transport which he/she will be using and therefore it is necessary that each and every information is converted in many languages. The reason behind converting information on websites which are in one language to many other languages is because people will feel more at ease when they are searching for information and it is available in their native language.

Benefits of Travel & Tourism Translation Services

The tourism industry is doing well over the period of time and reaching more and more audiences across the globe will help to generate more revenues and increase their profit. One of the benefits of travel and tourism translation services is that it helps to bring the customer closer to business by removing one of the barriers of language. They will get in-depth knowledge and information which are more relevant to them. It is most important that the business of tourism and travel which is running we can surely say in a way that translation is acting as a soul to that business.


Without investing in a travel and tourism industry in translation services will prove to be difficult in surviving their business.  It is not at all possible that all the information will be easy for customers to get easily relatable and in such scenario translation services will act as a best agent to give more ease and growth to the business. Hence for the benefits of both the tourists  and the business it is essential that they both adapt to translation services. In addition to this the most common benefit which a business and tourists both will enjoy is the connectivity with each other, they will feel closer to each other. 


Most of the businesses involved in the travel and tourism industry are available online and hence their data and information on the website will act as one of the most important agents getting closer to people and attracting more and more traffic to the website. There are many people who speak different languages and hence if the information on the website is translated in the target audience native language this will help the travel and tourism business to get more growth and thereby increase business in many parts of the world.

Process of Travel & Tourism Translation

The process of travel translation is like any other translation. We provide translations for the travel industry in the following three steps-

Process of Travel and Tourism Translation
  1. We Take the Content (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It
  3. We Submit It Back to the Client (Online/Offline)

The client can submit the source content in three different ways- 


  • Online- The travel and tourism business is now mostly on the online platforms. Travel and tourism sector now puts all their data and information on their websites. Hence the information which is available on the website in a primary language is being converted in various other languages with an expert team and using all translation tools.  
  • Soft Copies- Soft copies should not be confused with online documents. The client submits the images or scanned copies of the documents of all the data and information which needs to be translated on the websites. 
  • Hard Copies- It is when the client submits the hard copies of the source content. Such as a hard copy of the information and the data which is on the websites and in one language which is generally a universal language i.e. English. The hard copy is submitted which is then translated into several other languages.  

Translation of the Content- While translating the published content the translator considers the following things-


  • The Target Language- The translator prepares the glossary and the style guides to render the source content to the target language.
  • The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated. In this case the data and information is all about travel and tourism. 
  • The Length of the Content- The time required for the content to be completed depends on the length of the content.

The Submission of the Document- The agency gets back to the client with the complete translated document. Sometimes the travel translations need a certificate of completion and accuracy. PEC translation services has a group of certified translators who can give the certificate assuring the quality and completion of the translation.

Things to consider during Travel & Tourism Translation

  • Understanding the Global Market- With the new digital era spreading its web, the need for tourism translation has risen like never before. It is not just about the e-content, but the literature available in hard copies is also translated more frequently nowadays. When the publisher translates his content into another language, he/she should do thorough research on the target language. He should understand the reader group. It is essential for him to know about the global market. So before going for an actual translation, the publisher should do thorough global market research.
  • Knowing the Scope of Translation Work- Once you know your target market, and the target language you wish to translate your content in, understand the scope of the translation work. Check for the following things.
    • Connecting With the Readers- Know which all readers you will be reaching. Your reader reach is going to increase when your published content is translated, So understand that the scope of your translation work will be higher.  
    • Increase Sales- For instance, you have to translate the e-catalog of products and services that you provide. When the reader finds it in his/her native language, it is easily understandable. They’ll know which product or the service you are giving. 
    • Improves Visibility- When your e-content is translated, the chances of your content getting more clicks are higher. This is because people can now give google inputs in their native language. In this case, google catches the content according to the language, your content visibility automatically increases.
  • Finding a Reliable Translation Service Provider- The second and the most important thing is to research the reliable translation service provider. Published content is mainly informative in nature. If in case the translator fails to understand the target audience or the source content, there is a possibility that the misinformation is circulated to the target audience. A publisher must look for the following things while choosing the translation service provider
    • ISO Certification
    • Network of Translators
    • Quick Turnaround Time
    • Human Translations, No Tools Involved for Translations
    • Cost-effective

How Long Does Travel & Tourism Translation Take?

The time required for completing the travel translation is depended on the following factor-

  1. The Target Language- If the content is required for more than one target language it will take a longer time. When the content is required for one language it will take a shorter time.  
  2. The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated. It can be a book, a thesis, or an e-magazine. The complex the content higher will be the time required.
  3. The Length of the Content- The time required for the content to be completed depends on the length of the content. For example, a translation of a book will take longer than the translation of an e-blog.

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Travel & Tourism Translation?

Acquiring the status of one of the best travel translation agencies, PEC translation services is also an ISO-certified translation services company. May it be a text document, a video, a podcast, or multimedia content, PEC has a group of experts working with us providing high-quality services.


  • The Network of Expert Translators for Travel and Tourism Industry Translation- Travel translation services required detailing and expertise to serve the standard translations. Our large network of certified language experts makes us stand out from the crowd. Our translators also have basic knowledge about the field. And if in case any extra help is needed, we have a range of subject matter experts who help our translations reach the maximum level of accuracy and get the translations complete and authentic.  
  • Travel Translation Companies for Your Every Need- Travel agencies need translations for various purposes. We understand that the demand of all sectors from the tourism industry is different and we promise to fulfill the same. 
  • A Human Translation Over Machine Translations- We all know about the increasing use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for translations. However, there is a huge difference between machine and human translations. This is simply because machines do not understand the culture, the feel towards the native language and most importantly, they cannot relate words to the context. Translators have to be more sensitive when translating the tourism content. Machines will not understand this sensitive content. Any wrong translations will present a long communication. So, strictly no machine translations for all the translations that are related to tourism.