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SWORN Translation

Legal texts give a twin challenge for translation professionals. The interpretation method permits them to use their linguistic skills in an exceedingly meticulous context with specific nomenclature and play a key role within the legal application of an official document.

This work needs the impeccable technical experience combined with in-depth data of the system during which the text is going to be used or fitted. Translation professionals who give sworn, notarized or certified translation services supply their clients guarantee of quality and legal value.

Why SWORN Translation Services is Required?

A foreigner who has arrived in another country is faced with the requirement for employment, legitimation or a trade organization. To do so, he should get a sworn translation of the documents obtained in his home country into the official language of the country during which he plans to live.

Sworn Translations Vary From One Country to another, different countries use different names of sworn translation services, therefore it will be known as certified, special, official, stamped, etc. If a document issued within the language of the home country is submitted to an administrative body of a country that speaks a special language, cannot be accepted and a sworn translation of the document will have to be compelled to be obtained. To avoid further prices and unsightly surprises, it’s best to order a licensed translation of the document instantly. 

The method of legalizing documents is significantly simplified compared to the advanced application process at the embassy or consulate, wherever there are queues and pre-registration with a long waiting time. The prices of the sworn translation rely upon the quality of the text and its volume. The sworn or certified translation has many benefits.

Benefits of Sworn Translation Services

  • ranslations made by sworn translators, public authorities accept it.
  • Relatively low costs. 
  • It gives the benefit of ordering the service  in advance by email and receives the finished document on arrival.
  • High quality and reliability of the text received concerning a notarized translation.

Process of SWORN Translation

You can get your SWORN translation done with us in just three steps. Following are the steps that we follow-

Process of Research Paper Translation
  1. Share Your Document (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It
  3. Handover of the Translated Document (Online/Offline)

Let’s look at the details-


  1. Submission of the Document to the SWORN Translator While we collect the Research Paper from you we promise to keep it confidential. But we also further enquire about the scope of work. For example, the target language, the purpose of the translation, and any other specific information that will further enhance the quality of the translation.
  2. SWORN Translation of the Documents – Depending on the target language, expertise required and availability of the translator, we give the Research Papers only to the certified translator. While translating we adhere to sticking to the context by only changing the language.
  3. Proofreading and Revision – Our certified translator revise, re-read and proofread to ensure the quality of the document. We follow this process as we do not wish to leave even an inch of mistake in the translated document.
  4. Certify the Document – We certify your translated Research Paper. Our highly qualified translators are authorized to state certificates for the Research Paper translations. With this certificate, our translators assure the accuracy, quality and the completion of the translations. 
  5. Submit Back the Document to the Owner – Online or offline or pick up and drop facility we give you back the Research Paper the way you want it.

Who Are Sworn Translators?

A sworn translator is an authorised translator and somebody who is permitted by the ministry to translate official documents. Licenced translators and interpreters are acknowledged by totally different official names consistent with the country. 


As an example, in Spain, wherever Spanish is that the language in question, the official denomination is sworn translator-interpreter though it’s additionally common to use the title sworn translator. The name and details of a sworn translator are registered within the office of language translation and within the regional workplace of the District Council. By linguistic communication and waterproofing, the translator assumes responsibility for the document.


A sworn translation is completely different from a standard translation, because it is sealed & signed by the sworn translator, and thought to be having official and formal standing by the authorities. What is more, sworn translations will only be provided in hard copies, providing they have to be signed and sealed by the translator. 


However, the initial documents are often passed on in any type (email, fax, etc.). Though sworn translations are often created on sealed paper, this can be not a demand of the ministry, and lately, it’s hardly used. Additionally, it is often in the course of extra documents. Each sworn translation has to carry a certificate whose signature and seal are registered by the ministry through the District Council of the region during which the translator works.

The Format of a Sworn Translation

Sworn translations have to be compelled to contain the signature and seal of a sworn translator:


  • Signature: Mr / Mrs (name and surname), Sworn Interpreter of (language), certifies that this document may be a trustworthy and complete translation into (destination language) of a document originally written in (language of the original). In (location), on (date).
  • Seal: Name, the heading “sworn translators of…” or “sworn translator-interpreter of…” followed by the chosen language, address, number and, if applicable, fax.

How Long Does a SWORN Translation Take?

The destination country can typically stipulate certified translations of an official document which should be made from the original document. This demand should be factored into the translation interval time. Clients are also reluctant to provide original official documents owing to the additional time concerned or concern over potential loss or thievery. However, a sworn translator could refuse to figure from an electronic document or a photocopy. The translator demands direct access to the original document for more accuracy and to work with peace of mind. This can be an inexpensive request and demonstrates the sworn translator’s integrity and adherence to the principles connected to the present standing because the translator has no guarantee that the copies received can truly be just like the textual matter of the document provided once the file is in place and authorized. In the event of any discrepancy between the copy and therefore the original, the translator can regard the document as invalid and may be unable to use his or her seal. As a general rule, the translation interval time quoted starts from the time once the translator receives the initial textual matter of the document to be processed. 

The ultimate version of the supply document must be delivered to the translator at the beginning of the translation method. Once the certification step has been completed, the translator is unable to form any longer modifications to the document. within the event of any unpunctual additions, the complete certification method can have to be compelled to begin over from the start. Considering the meticulous nature of this procedure, even a little modification will have a significant impact on the prices and lead times for a sworn translation. It is best to provide an original and complete document from the very start of the process to ensure that everyone involved has a clear understanding of translation lead times and deadlines.

Things to consider while choosing the best Sworn Translation service provider?

Sworn translations require specific expertise from a professional who has a thorough understanding of the legal system. Due to the detailed nature of this work, it’s especially important to work with a language services agency that understands the ins and outs of the sworn translation process and can connect you with a suitable translator. Work with a network of qualified legal translation professionals who are ready to help you translate your documents for use in any country. 

How will pec translation help in the Sworn Translation process?

  • Quality Assurance – Our ISO certification proves that we provide Educational translations to high standards. This also makes us one of the best translation agencies. PEC’s document translation services assure the quality of the conversion and provide the best version of the facility. 
  • On-time Deliveries –  Providing on-time deliveries without compromising on the qualities, PEC translation services promise hassle-free processing.  We know how important it is for you to get the rendered educational material on time. The future of many students is related to the education material. We promise to give it back to you in or before time.  
  •  – We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. We charge on a per word basis and based on your target language. 
  • Easy Accessibility – Clients can submit the documents online or offline according to their comfort. We also provide a pick and drop facility if any client wants to submit a hard copy.
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity – Documents contain sensitive and personal information. PEC document translation service company, assures to maintain the privacy of the document. The document is with us and we follow the strict confidentiality guideline. We do not share your information with anyone else.