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Subtitling Translation Services

The need for subtitling and subtitling translation services is on-demand like never before. The new digital streaming platforms have made sure that their content has reached the micro-level. It was possible only because of the subtitling and translation services.

What Are Subtitles?

It is a text that appears on the screen while the video is being played. It is a transcription of the dialogues. It usually appears at the bottom of the screen.

What are subtitling translations?

For instance, you are watching a foreign film. There is a transcription that is appearing on the screen in your language. You get these translated subtitles in your own language when the original script is translated from the source language. This process is called subtitling translations. The clients hire subtitling translation services to get the perfect subtitles that will not change the meaning of the dialogue.


Subtitling can be done for any audio-visual content. There are various subtitling translation services online which provides services for the following purposes-


  1. Entertainment Content– Subtitling is mainly demanded by the entertainment industry. When the films are in foreign languages, they are given subtitles as it helps films reach a larger audience. 
  2. Animation Cartoons– A demand for Japanese anime is rising. This is simply because the video subtitling services are translating it into various languages. 
  3. Commercial Informative Videos– Many entrepreneurs prefer having their business information in audiovisual formats as it is the easiest way for information retention. To target more geo-location, they provide these videos with subtitles in multiple languages. 
  4. Promotions and Ad Agencies– Most of the time the voice-over is used for this purpose. But still, some prefer giving both, the voice-over as well as subtitles. 
  5. News Industry– News industry is known to provide the facts. It is better to understand those facts when it is written in local languages. 


Multilingual subtitling is on-demand by various industries such as film, news, and advertising agencies. The producers have understood the value of providing their videos in multiple languages. It can benefit them on various levels such as-


  1. Universal Accessibility of the Content- You would not prefer watching the video in a foreign language if it is not supported with the translated subtitles. It will be impossible for the viewer who has a hearing impairment. The subtitle translation lets the video reach all types of viewers irrespective of the demography.  
  2. Higher Content Engagement- Videos with subtitles engage viewers for a longer period, mostly till the end of the video. If the content is available in the understandable language viewer will wait till they get the desired satisfaction. Subtitling is bliss when you are watching a video in a noisy environment. 
  3. Improved Indexing- The bots read the caption files. YouTube or google does not profile the video separately. But it can read the subtitles and captions. Your video can be found in the results of other online researches as well. Such as language-based searches. Anyone giving inputs in their native language will get the results in the same language. So, to catch on to these audiences, it is better to have the translated subtitles. 
  4. Cheaper as Compared to Dubbing- Dubbing needs a higher cost, whereas the translation of subtitles is cheaper. For dubbing, the entire audio needs to tamper. Subtitles only need to be inserted in the final video clip without tampering with the audio. It also provides the option of enabling captions [CC]. 


Subtitles do not include non-speaking elements. It only includes dialogues. It is designed for viewers with no hearing impairment. 


  • Assumed that the viewer can’t understand the source language.
  • Only done for speeches and dialogues.
  • Done before the release of the video.
  • Done for foreign films.

Captions include both, the speech and the non-speech elements of the videos- such as dogs barking, alarms, music, or any other human sound too. The captions are generally designed for people with hearing impairment. 


  • It is assumed that the viewer cannot hear.
  • Includes background noises, music descriptions, sound effects, and dialogues too.
  • Closed and open captions.
  • Added after the video is made.

Let’s understand closed and open captions?


  • Closed Captions- The most commonly used format by the producers. Have seen [CC] mentioned on the top right corner of your screen? Yes, that is closed captions. You click on it and enable the captioning. You can find the list of languages in which the caption is available.  A user that means you can switch it on or off. 
  • Open Captions- These captions are permanently visible. A viewer does not have the option of switching it on or off. The file of captions is already rendered in the video itself.

You can choose if you require subtitles or captions and select the best quality subtitling services.


There are two types of subtitling translations-


  • Intralingual-  Intralingual subtitling means providing subtitles of the film in the same language. It is a literal transcription of the soundtrack of a video in the source language synching with the video track. These subtitles are done for viewers with hearing impairment. The subtitling experts write down each dialogue without making any changes in the wording. They burn the subtitling file in the video file ensuring that the written text is aligned with the video. 
  • Interlingual- There are some best quality subtitling translation services that are renowned for interlingual translations. PEC translations are one of them. But what are interlingual subtitling services?  These services provide translation to the video content from one language to another. They create subtitles in multiple languages. These agencies have a group of certified translations working with them. They are specialized in both the source and the target language. While translating the dialogues, they try their best to stick to the tone, emotions, and originality of the context. This makes the subtitles readable in their language and the viewers feel connected to the frames. When the subtitles are rendered in the video, the team makes sure that it is synced with the videos.


  1. Spotting- This is the first step for subtitle translation. It involves identifying the insertion points. It should be accurate as it helps in the synchronization of the video and the subtitles. Correct spotting helps in adherence to the minimum and maximum duration time, considering the shot changes. 
  2. Translation- Once the spotting is recognized, it is easier to understand the translation requirements. The process involves translating the dialogues from the foreign language to the native language without impacting the script or the meaning of the dialogue. 
  3. Simulation- It involves the rough cut of the video with the translated subtitles. This helps understand the synchronization of the dialogues and where all the correction is required. 
  4. Correction- Once the content is ready, it is rechecked and proofread for the punctuations, sentence structures, and overall dialogues flow. The long sentences should be avoided. As it becomes easier for the viewer to understand. 


These steps are generally followed for any subtitling work, may it be for a feature film or promotional and advertising subtitles.


  • Assured quality- Make sure you look for an ISO certification. The certification assures the quality of the work.  The company holding this certification is following all the requirements to assure the quality of the work. A company should accept all the file formats and structure of the work. 
  • Multilingual services- A company should have a range of translators. A client must approach the company which provides multilingual subtitling services. It is easier for the client to get their subtitling translations done in one place instead of approaching various agencies for various languages.
  • Quick deliveries- It is necessary to give quick or on-time deliveries of the output. Many clients have their releasing date queued, and they need to do the finishing before the deadline. It is an important factor to know if the agency adheres to its timelines. 
  • Professional Customer Service- Check for their customer services. The problem-solving ability of the customer service ability shows how professional the company is. A company should always keep updating the client about the progression of the work. 
  • Certified translators- The agency should not just have multilingual translators, but these translators should also be certified translators. The agencies should have only human translators and no machines translations should be involved. Because any unmatched translation will change the entire meaning of the dialogues. 
  • Cost effectiveness-Evaluate the quotation that you have. Check the determining factors. The price proposed should justify the criteria and the expertise required. The company should not compromise on the quality but should be able to deliver the project at reasonable rates and time.


There is no definite answer for the time required for the subtitling translations. Many professional subtitling services companies give the tentative delivery date based on the following factors- 

  • Length of the film- The longer the film, it’ll have more dialogues. This will further require more time for the entire process. The agency will give the timeline after watching the film. Even though the client shares the time details, the translator will look at the film from his/her perspective. He/she will understand where he needs to use his expertise. Watching the complete film will help the translator understand how much time he/she would require.  
  • The time required for transcription in source language– The translator will further begin the transcription of the film in the source language. He/she will write down every dialogue. It will smoothen the translation process. 
  • Translating the transcript- Now the translator may refer to the video, but his/her main focus would be on the transcripted dialogues. This is the main factor that determines the time needed. The translator will translate the dialogues into the target language.
  • Languages require- Many clients approach the agency as they need the subtitles in multiple languages. This takes longer, as multitasking is required. A time will be decided on how many languages are required.
We Provide Subtitling Services which Include
  • Video subtitling services
  • Broadcast subtitling services
  • Television and film subtitling services
  • Documentary subtitling services
  • Promotion and advertising subtitles
  • Online training, education, and learning subtitles
  • Social media and website subtitles
  • Vimeo and YouTube subtitles

PEC has been recognized as one of the best subtitling translation companies providing high-quality services on time. Here we give you the list of reasons why you should rely on us for a top-end quality of work.


  • We accept all formats and provide them in any format as per the client’s requirement. 
  • Our translators treat your work as their priority and give personal attention to every detail. They will try to gain as much information as they can before starting the work. 
  • As they have all the necessary information, they spend more time on the quality and use the information to the utmost perfection.
  • All our translators are certified translators. They have gained years of experience in the field on a level where their expertise helps provide excellence in work.
  • We only take affordable charges but never compromise on the quality. Our charges are determined on the following factors: 

    • The length of the video- We charge on a per-second basis. As the minutes of the videos increase, the price increases. The shorter the video, the less will be the cost. 
    • The target language- The charges of the local subtitling translations can be lesser as compared to the foreign languages. 
    • The number of target languages- The charges will be multiplied if the subtitles are required in more than one language. There will be more manpower involved. There will be more expert translations involved for multiple languages.
  • The translators in our company are known to have the best professional subtitling talents. 
  • There are no machines involved. We believe that only human translators can feel the dialogues and connect to the characters and flow of the film. We do not use any tools. 
  • PEC translation services promise to follow the strict privacy policy. Your content is safe in our hands. We maintain supreme confidentiality while handling it. We understand that you hold the copyrights over your content and maintain the same.

No, we do not use any software. We prominently believe in human translations only. The software gives the subtitles without understanding the context of the dialogues. There is a high possibility that these subtitles are not synced with the video. 

The cost of the subtitling is decided if the client needs subtitles in one or more languages. If the client requires subtitles only in the source language it will cost less. The client requires subtitles in more than one target language; it will cost a little higher. The target languages also decided the cost. If it is a global language, the translator may charge higher as compared to the local. 

Our company holds the ISO certification. We assure you that we follow all the standard procedures to achieve quality work. Only a certified translator will translate the subtitles. Which itself states that our translations are up-to-the-mark.

We accept all types of file formats to give the subtitles. You provide the video to use in the following formats

  • Mp3
  • Mp4
  • MOV
  • WMV
  • Flv
  • WebM, or 
  • MKV

To know what you want you first need to understand the difference between closed captioning or subtitling. There is a difference in both.

Closed captioning is when the viewer can switch on or off the captions. The viewer can see the [CC] option on the screen through which he can enable or disable the captions. The [CC] option also provides the list of available language subtitles. 

In subtitling, there are no such options. The subtitles are mandatorily given in the video. The viewer cannot enable or disable the text. 

So it is up to you if you want to give this option to the viewer or not. Then you can decide on which type of subtitling you should choose.