PEC Translation

From localization to globalization

PEC provides 15 different translation services through which you can mark your presence globally.

End to End Solution for all

With a range of experts in translation, multilingual voice-over, subtitling, dubbing, transcription, or transcreation, PEC translation is your all in one solution. Our variety of services can transform your business on a high success ratio. We are proficient in doing what we do. We provide services on various platforms. We follow standard processes for all our services in order to achieve a high quality of output.

Our Expertise

Language Translation

Language translation is a process of rendering content from source to target language. It is precisely done for translating words or phrases. It is a micro-level translation.

Document Translation

Document translation includes transforming documents from one language to another. It involves documents such as- HR documents, personal documents, medical documents, and many more.

Business Translation Services

Business Translation

Business translations help businesses standouts in the digital crowd. It helps in business expansion, lead generation, and conversion too.

Certified Translation

Many legal documents require a statement of certification on the translated documents. Our linguistic experts are authorized to give certified translations.

Voiceover Services

Make your videos available in multiple languages to peach your business. Local or global, media or education, we provide voice-over translation services in all fortes.

Subtitling Services

Translate your screen in the native language by subtitling the scenes. Let the locals know about your business.

Transcreation Services

Transcreation is the creative translation. Propose your business creatively with us. Use our transcreation services. Know more about it.

Website Localization

Even the smallest businesses can mark their presence on global platforms. Website localization is a key tool. Find more details here.

Interpreting Services

We specialize in providing high-quality interpreting and translation interpreting services. Our experts assure 99% accuracy.

University Transcript Services

Mostly used for students applying for international study visas. We provide certified translations for university transcripts too.

Copywriting Services

Our expert copywriting team moves the audience into customers. Get superior quality copyrighted from our experts.

Book Translation

Sell your book to an international reader. Get it translated from our language experts. Know more details about book translation services.

Global Translation

Extend your reach through our global translation services. Global translations of your literature will mark your presence in all universal languages.


Get your document perfect on grammar, factual, and authenticity. Our team of proofreaders can help you better your work.

Multilingual DTP

We provide the business promotional literature such as leaflets, brochures, etc. In various languages. We also typeset the translated content with designing too.