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A lot lies in the term Multilingual DTP.  It means that designing the translated copy to be fitted into the format as per the source content. Translation companies like PEC translations do not just provide a rendering of the language of the source content into the target language, but we also fit it into the formats, designs, and layouts. The additional step also involves final proofreading of the content. This way the translation or original content is processed in a “Ready to Print” manner. For his process, other than just the linguists the technical expertise is also a must. We at PEC translation services are happy to provide the best blend of it.

Our team has language experts but we also have a technical team who has experts in various DTP software. You can submit your document to us in any format and you can give us your requirement and we can give it back to you at the earliest. 

We provide multilingual DTP services for catalogs, books, manuals, brochures that are available in multiple languages. You just need to hand over the text and the desired artwork to us and we will do the needful. 

Now let us understand some aspects, such as benefits or the process of multilingual DTP. 


DTP is needed whenever the documents are images that need to be published. When everything was not computerized, the publishing was done through the large size print presses. It needed the copies and the duplication of the pages. When it was needed to print the images and the words on one page, the graphics, and the content were to be printed separately. Then it was cut out to be pasted on one single page. Then again it was copied and then printed. 


Computers have shortened the process to an extreme level. This entire procedure is done on computers today with the graphical interface. 


Everything that you wish to print in a certain pattern or a format has to be done with desktop publishing. This term is specifically used to associate it with professional computer-based publishing. Software such as quark express, Pagemaker, CorelDRAW, or InDesign is used for the high quality of multilingual DTP. The trained technician created page layouts in a way that the image and the content do not just fit but are also attractive and readable for the user. Some basic desktop publishing can also be done by simply using Microsoft Word too. 


The process of desktop publishing involves things like graphic designing, coloring, fonts and other formatting, typesetting, creating page layouts, and final printing. The task of the technician is to check how all fit on one page. Desktop publishing is not restricted to high-end designing only. It is also about just typing, adding one or two images in the word document, and printing something as simple as a school assignment. For this what you simply need is a printer, a mouse, monitor, keyboards, and software that has a command to get the content printed. 


  1. Attractive Page Layouts- It simply is a process of structuring and restructuring the graphics and the content in a way to make a page layout that will look aesthetically correct. By hiring a professional DTP service provider you can make a unique and attractive page layout. The page designer will have an aesthetic sense of using color, space, highlighting, and placing of the content and the image. The perfect blend of all this can bring the attention of the target audience. For example, the right color combination for your brochure and flyers can attract a lot of eyes that the plain and simple print out of it.
  2. Suits the Target Audience- Desktop publishing enables you to edit and reorganize the content in a way that it will best suit your target audience. Promotional content like brochures, leaflets, posters or banners, user manuals, catalogs, user guides, presentations, or promotional books can be customized through DTP. When it is about document customization, PEC translations can offer DTP services that will complete all your needs.
  3. Budget-Friendly Process- One of the biggest benefits is that hiring a DTP service can get you the best results at the cost that will give you highly satisfying results. PEC can support you throughout the project completions and will be in touch with you to understand and fulfill your requirements.

Process of Multilingual DTP

  • Give Us Your Project (Online/Offline)
  • We Process the DTP
  • We Submit the Document (Online/Offline)

Though it looks very simple, there are a lot of technical things that are involved in the Desktop Publishings.


  1. Text Extraction- The first stage is to extract all the data from the source document. It can come in multiple forms such as files from photoshop, illustrator, Adobe Acrobat(PDF), QuarkXPress, or even in general word documents. They will further prepare it for the translations if needed. They will give it to the authorized translator from the agency. The specialist will have experience with all publishing software. The technician will extract the text from the source either automatically or manually.
  2. Content Translations- A certified translator from the agency will render the content from source to target language. He/she considers the cultural differences between the source region and the target region. The converted text is then saved in a different file. It is better to save the translated file completely different from the source file to avoid confusion.
  3. Editing the Content- For the purpose of quality analysis, the second translator is involved too. He/she checks for the errors. The third eye helps assure that the conversion of the content is adhering to the context of the source. The third person involved can also check if there are any technical changes that need to be made such as Grammar or sentence formations etc.
  4. Translated Text Is Imported in Software- Once the translated content has been cross-checked and achieved the desired quality, the technician imports the translated content in the software to typeset it. The designer in consultation with the translator can design the content and use the color scheme that will suit the target audience the best. It is called localization of the data. For instance, some colors are not considered luck in some countries. Such as Green Color is forbidden in Indonesia. So it will be incorrect to use a lot of Green colors while targeting that area.
  5. Rechecking The Designs- The DTP technician checks how the translated content is actually looking in the page layout that he/she has made. The changes are made as per the margin alignments, text, images, boxes, page numbers, headers and footers, etc. he/she makes sure that the entire document is in sync and is in connection with each other. Also, the content is completely localized for the readers to get the best reading experience and information retention.
  6. Final Check- It involves the quality analysis from the translator again. He/she checks the typeset document for the errors such as formatting errors if there is any content that is cut during the page formatting, or the dates and any other pagination issue. The translator approves the final copy, the DTP technicians check it again for final corrections if any.


Multilingual DTP is a foolproof process that assures the quality, readability, and retention of the information at the same time. After the final proof checking the document is given for the final printing.


  • Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services and Graphics Localization (Including Aoda Compliance)
  • Format Conversion (Pdf to Word/pdf to Indesign/quark to Indesign)
  • Localization of E-learning Content
  • File Preparation/ Engineering Book
  • Layout/typesetting/formatting (Including Co-edition Layout)
  • OCR/scanning/data Entry/keying-in/proofreading (All Languages)
  • Image Manipulation/photo Editing/vectorization


There is no fixed answer to this. There are multiple things that determine the time required for the completion of the multilingual DTP project. The list includes-  


  1. The Number of Languages-Sometimes the  DTP is needed for more than one language. The time required for the multilingual DTP is dependent on the number of languages too. The higher the languages the longer will be the time.  
  2. The Length of the Documents- Simply, the DTP needed for a book will need a longer time than designing a leaflet. So the type and the size of the document decide the time required for the multilingual DTP. Sometimes the documents are complex, such as technical books. The extra time is spent to reach the high level of designing. 
  3. Editions Required- Documents such as technical books, need more editing and it takes longer than any other type of DTP settings. Some content needs to be checked twice or thrice to reach the level of accuracy. Multilingual DTP has to be a foolproof process. After the editing, the document goes to the printing. So it has to be accurate. 


PEC Translation is one of the topmost multilingual DTP service provider agencies in Pune with 6+ years of experience which holds an ISO certification. PEC translations can help you with the DTP process in the following way-


  • Expert Technicians- We have multilingual DTP experts who are experienced in multiple genres related to the DTP. You can get the best services if you give your assignments to the hands of our DTP experts. They assure the expertise in both the languages and the technicalities involved in providing high-quality DTP service. The multilingual DTP operators who are associated with us have pursued higher education in the field from the recognized university/institute.
  • On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both. We also understand that many things are dependent on the typesetting and DTP services. We adhere to the timeline and faster turnaround time of the project too.
  • Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- Some content has sensitive information when it is given to the DTP. Some writers prefer publishing the book in multiple languages at a time. It is inappropriate to leak book-related information even before it is published. We promise to keep it confidential. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best multilingual DTP agencies providing accurate designing and maintaining its privacy too.
  • DTP at Your Comfort, Online/Offline or Pick Up and Drop Facility- You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service. Mostly in the case of books, many writers/publishers prefer submitting the hard copies of the book for the better reference of the translator. In the case of soft copies such as Kindle versions, we accept those too.
  • Only Human Translators, No Artificial Intelligence, No Machines- We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context of the book. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content. Books are more about stories in the flow. Machines may break this flow while rendering the translations. It is of utmost importance to maintain the flow of the book. To make sure that the book translations are authentic, we only rely on human translators.
  • Patient and Responsive Customer Service- Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all your queries at any given time. They are equally keen to understand your needs and fulfill the same. Also, they will always update you on the project progress of your book translations.