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Medical Translation Services

Medical translations are not aimed to pull the consumers and develop the business. Everything related to the medical industry is associated with human life, requiring accuracy of the utmost level. The medical translation should be perfect in all platforms such as language, technicality, and relevance of the content. Any error can be directly affecting human lives in the medical field. Even a small mistake can bring an undesired effect on a large population. Medical translators have to be multifaceted in language and technical accuracy.

Translation of medical-related content is not restricted to documents, but the list also involves website content, the user manuals of the medical devices, videos explaining the usability, medical procedure videos, and so on. 

To avail this level of accuracy in technicalities and language at the same time, it is better to hire a medical translation agency. The medical translators are experts in all three aspects, the source language, the target language, and the medical terminologies. 

Why Medical Translation Services is Required?

Language can be the biggest barrier in a healthcare setting. It has been considered as the biggest risk factor with negative outcomes. For better healthcare service, the health care provider and the patient need to communicate hassle-free without language barriers. Their communication is related to positive health outcomes. 

This is when the medical translation services play a vital role. When some foreign hospitals have a continuous flow of patients from various countries, the hospital admin prefers hiring a medical translation service. They emphasize gaining accurate patient information and case history by taking the help of the translations or the interpreters.  

Other than this, medical document translations are another majorly demanded service from the healthcare industry. The documents such as medical equipment manuals, case history, a medical research paper require translations to spread the information and help the healthcare industry serve better. 


4 reasons why the medical industry needs translation services- 

  1. Accurate Data Is Mandatory- Medical data is very precise. It requires accuracy in translations too. There is no scope to make any alterations to the content. Any incorrect translations can cause complications in a patient’s health. Similarly, omissions or additions of the content can mislead the doctors.
    For example- A small change of words in the medical case history of the patient can be life-threatening that is why any errors are just not acceptable in medical translations.
  2. Directly Related to Human Life- Any error in the translations can cause casualties. If a hospital fails to provide authentic info on the medical-related content, it can be dangerous. For example, there is a new body scanning machine that has arrived in the hospital. The user manual is not translated into the native language. The operator cannot understand how to function the machine. It can be time-consuming for the operator to understand the functioning. Any delayed process in healthcare is directly related to human death.
  3. Pharma Industry Requires Authentic Translations- The pharmaceutical industry makes sure that every medication that they import comes with the proper instructions. Every bottle or the pack of the medicines should come with accurate details such as usage instructions, storage requirements, warnings and precautions, side effects if any, and most necessarily the expiry date and ingredients. Any incorrect medical translations related to the pharma industry can cause legal issues and also life threats.
  4. Medical Science Translations Are Crucial- It is necessary to hire a specialized translation agency that has a range of medical translators when it comes to medical science translations. Medical researches are not just about numbers. It is more about scientific terms that can change the way the medical industry works. Giving it to any fresher or freelance translators can be risky. He/she may not understand the complex details. A bad translation will remain the research unsuccessful. It will not just affect the career of the researcher but the industry will miss out on the research too.

Benefits of Medical Translation Services

Medical translations come with a lot of challenges. This translation needs expertise not just in language but in technical medical terminologies too. So the biggest challenge is to find translators who understand the medical terms. If the client does not get one, they have to find an agency that will get the connection of translators and medical experts too. Though medical translations are crucial to do, it is very much necessary to achieve its quality. Following are the benefits of hiring medical translation services- 

    1. Accurate Translations- The translation agencies have a range of language experts and they also take help from experts to understand the terms. As a result, the clients get accurate and authentic translations. These translators are certified translators who can give the statement of certificate assuring the quality and the completion of the translations. This certificate is of utmost importance when it comes to medical translation. Because any mistake in medical translations is directly related to human life.
    2. Reduces Stress for Doctors and Patients- Doctors must not have any pressure while treating the patients. The translations reduce the stress of the practitioners and time spent on guesswork to try and understand the medical conditions of the patients. The same goes for the patients too. When a patient takes the help of translations he/she can be relieved from the stress of explaining it again and again to the doctors. Medical translators form hassle-free communication between doctors and patients. 
    3. Better Service– When the doctors are not under any communication-related stress, they can perform better services for the recovery of the patients. Professional medical translations can provide all the necessary information with accurate translations of the terminologies too. As it conveys the correct information, doctors can easily refer to it and perform fast and accurate treatments.  
    4. Information Circulation- When important medical researches are translated into multiple languages, the information is circulated to be implemented by various regions. For example- if a German medical researcher comes with some research that will upgrade the cancer treatment. This research will help the medical industry all over the globe. A translated copy of the research can make the implementation of the treatments even smoother.  

It is a critical task to achieve a high quality of medical translations. When a client hires a certified translation agency, it assures that the translation provided is authentic and complete.   

Process of Medical Translation

Your accurate and complete medical translation is just three steps away.

Process of Medical Translation
  1. Submit Your Document (Online/Offline)
  2. Translation in Progress
  3. Documents Are Given Back to the Client (Online/Offline)

Though it looks easy, medical translation is a complex process. The content goes through several steps to achieve the quality of the translations.

  1. Taking the Specification- When the client submits the project to the translators, He/she takes all the necessary details. Such as the target language, the type of document, the use of that document, and the purpose why the translation is required. 
  2. Glossary and Style Sheet Preparations- Once the translator is ready with the necessary details from the client, he/she prepared the glossary of technical terms, phrases, abbreviations, and acronyms. Similarly, he/she consults with the client if they want the translator to follow any style sheet. This is especially required when the content is in the form of a thesis, research paper, or medical journals.
  3. Proofreading and Editing- The next step is to read the translated content. Check if it is compatible with the source content and is adhered to its context. This step involves the cross-checking of the meaning of the terminologies in the target language. This step is essentially important as its translator enhances the authenticity of the document in this step. 
  4.  Multilingual DTP- If the content requires DTP services, the translator reaches the multilingual DTP operators to typeset the content. This is required for the translations of documents such as medical journals, medical books, or reports too. 

We at PEC translation services make sure to follow all these points to achieve the quality of the translation. 

Things to consider during Medical Translation

Following are the four things that should be considered to achieve the quality of medical translations.

  • Accurate Communication- It is of high importance that there is clear communication between the client and the translation agency. The medical translator should be thorough about the source and target language both. The translator should be knowledgeable about the cultural differences and medical domain terminologies.
  • Thorough Research Is a Necessity- During medical translation, thorough research is mandatory. A small mistake in the translated content can be life-threatening. A translator should understand that medical documents sometimes contain confidential information of the patients and some terminologies need thorough research. Before the translator begins the translation process he/she should make sure that he/she has referred to the right literature to achieve the quality of the translated document. For the research medical translators uses three types of references-
    1. Books, Literature, Leaflets, Brochures, etc.
    2. Through Electronic Media
    3. Subject Matter Experts.
  • Upgraded Knowledge- Along with the research, a translator should be constantly updated about what is happening in the medical industry. This helps them get quick references and save turnaround time.

How Long Does Medical Translation Take?

Medical translation is a very complex activity. The time required for the medical translation is depended on the following factors-

  • Type of the Content- Medical content comes in multiple forms, such as videos, audio, images, podcasts, or text content. The time required for the medical translations also depends on the type of the content. Translation of the medical research will take longer than the translation for the one page of the medical report.     
  • A Number of Target Languages-  Some clients demand medical translations in more than one language. More translations need more time. 
  • The Complexity of the Content- Medical translations is critical to render. Sometimes the translators need the subject matter expert’s advice to understand those medical terminologies. As most of the experts are doctors, it is difficult to receive their appointments and catch up on them for translation-related advice. It is a time-consuming process.

How Much Does Medical Translation Cost?

Quality comes with a cost. The complex content of medical fields requires expertise. So the charges may be higher. Mostly the price of the translation depends on the length of the source content. Medical translation services charge based on the following elements-

  • The Volume of the Source Content- The agencies charge on per word or a per-minute basis. If the source content is in text format, the charges are paid according to the per word basis. If the content is audio-visual content, the charges are applied on a per-second or per-minute basis. The larger the volume of the content the higher the cost will be. 
  • Language Complications- Some languages are complex to render in. Such as German. The language needs utmost grammar accuracy, proper syntax and sentence formations, and thorough knowledge of the vocabulary. Charges for international languages are higher than the regional or national languages. Also sometimes the content needs to be rendered in more than one language. So the charges increase accordingly. 
  • The Complexity of the Content- Medical documents are complex to understand. The translations of the same sometimes need expert advice. In this case, the agency has to spend some amount to consult with the subject matter experts. The translation agency considers the client before hiring the experts. The cost of this is included in the quotations and the client is charged accordingly. 

Considering all these aspects the medical translations may seem a little expensive. But it is better to spend some amount to gain quality. Because the risk factor in medical translation is high as it is directly related to human lives.

Types of Medical Translations PEC Provides

Audio-Visual Content– We at PEC accept all types of audiovisual medical content. Medical equipment manufacturers prefer giving the instructions in video formats. This is because information retention is easier in audiovisual formats. These videos need subtitles or voiceovers in the native language of the target users. PEC can provide all services under one roof.  

Other Translation Services for Medical Content 

  1. Medical Software Translations
  2. Website Content of Hospitals
  3. User Manual Videos 
  4. Product Labeling
  5. Podcast
  6. Content on the Images
  7. Hospital Marketing Content
  8. Text Document- There is a range of medical documents that need translations. PEC translation services have a range of experts in document translations, such as medical report translations. Documents have sensitive and complex information related to the medical industry. Translators are PEC translation services experts in source and target language. Whenever necessary the translators also take help from subject matter experts to reach the quality of the content. 

Medical Document Translations

  1. Clinical Documents
  2. Medical Device’s User Manuals
  3. Patient Consent Forms
  4. Patient Case History, Briefings, and Process Documents
  5. Marketing Literature.
  6. Brochures
  7. Doctors Notes
  8. Medical Journals 

Other Translation Services for Medical Content 

  1. Medical Software Translations
  2. Website Content of Hospitals
  3. User Manual Videos 
  4. Product Labeling

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Medical Translation?

A professional medical translation service provider performs various tasks such as real-time interpretation in hospitals or conferences to translation of various records and documents. PEC has experts in providing all types of medical translations. All the medical translation tasks require a very specific set of skills. Medical translations are a crucial task.

Even if you are a practitioner in the field you will need the help of language experts to achieve the quality of the content. The medical translations involve precise knowledge to understand the critical terminologies. Any regular person cannot understand the medical field easily. 

It is better to choose the best medical translation agency than a freelancer or by doing it yourself. If you do so, you would be risking the life of someone. Because medical documents are mostly related to the patient and their reports. A small mistake can be a threat to the patient’s life.  

  • Quality Assurance- Medical translations are crucial. We have experts in providing professional medical translations. Our ISO certification proves that we provide medical translations to high standards. We are known to follow all the necessary steps that will give the authenticity and the accuracy of the translated document.  PEC’s document translation services assure the quality of the conversion and provide the best version of the facility. 
  • On-time Deliveries- We understand that medical content does not just carry complex content, but it also needs to be delivered on time. The on-time translations of medical content can save lives. Providing on-time deliveries without compromising on the qualities, PEC medical translation company promises hassle-free processing.  
  • Cost-Effective- Medical translations can go heavy on the pockets. Because it needs expertise. The content that arrives at the agency is complex too. We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. Our charges are reasonable as compared to their companies. That does not stop us from giving the quality of translations.  
  • Easy Accessibility- Clients can submit the documents online or offline according to their comfort. We also provide a pick and drop facility if in case any client demands.  Online or offline submissions of documents. Also, the clients can approach our customer service executive to get the updates. They can inform us if there is any medical content that they need on an emergency basis. 
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity- Medical documents contain sensitive and personal information. PEC document translation service company, assures to maintain the privacy of the document. 
  • Supportive Customer Service- Medical content carries patients’ case reports and history. The client can need the information or the urgent translations as it can affect the patient’s health. Our customer support executives can solve your problems and update you about the process of translations. We are known to provide prompt customer support to the client. We are on our toes especially when it comes to translation services for medical purposes.   
  • All-inclusive- Our team of experts is efficient in providing all types of medical translations. Such as medical documents, live interpretations, voice-over and subtitling for the videos, medical book translations, hospital marketing content, or medical website localization. PEC can cover it all under one roof. We are happy to provide you with the translation services in one go so that you don’t have to go to different doors for different services. With 6+ years of experience, PEC has gained the status of best services in India. We have developed this faith and trust all because of the support and experience that we have gained over the years. PEC affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best version of the facility.