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Language translation is a very specific process. When someone needs language translation, they are demanding a translation on a very micro level such as translating a word or a phrase. The language translators are experts in both, source and target language. They translate the word or a phrase in a culturally and linguistically correct way so that the target audience easily understands it. In order to provide accurate language translation,

In order to provide accurate language translation, the translator needs to have a thorough knowledge of vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar, phrases, words, and other contexts. There are translation agencies that have a group of language experts who can translate into multiple languages. Though there is an option for online language translators, it is better to rely on the certified language translators. They can successfully translate the content from one language to another with high accuracy.


  • Attracts Business- Language translation has been attracting the business from all over the world. The language translation services help present the business in multiple languages which further increases the global presence of the business. 
  • Technical Text Language Translation- Various companies providing various technical services prefer presenting the content in multiple languages. When the technical terms are present in multiple or native languages they reach locally to the larger crowd. Hence, it is important to have technical text language translation. 
  • Most Useful for the Travel and Tourism Industry- Whenever you will visit any travel agency or check their website or brochure or any promotional literature for that matter, you’ll find it available in multiple languages. The reason being, it increases the user-friendliness of the literature. To further boost their business, and promote tourism, the content must be in local as well as global languages.
  • Scope in Every Field– Though language translation is a must for the travel and tourism industry, it is largely adopted by almost all the fields, such as Medical, manufacturing and production, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance too.


  • Business Expansion- For accurate and authentic language translation it is better to hire the best language translators through professional translation agencies. When the content is available in multiple languages, it further marks the business globally by gaining the consumer’s trust. It widens up the international markets and helps expand the business. 
  • Cultural Links- The language translations are not just about the expansion of the business, but it also develops the cultural links. Just like, when two people are talking in the same language, they feel connected. When the content is available in native languages it directly reaches the heart of the reader and he/she feels connected.
  • Improves SEO and SME- Google ranking is a new form of competition today which did not exist probable 10 or 15 years ago. Google is a universal digital platform and having a high google ranking is a must to reach the target market. Language translations of the website have brought a huge difference in this too. When the content is available in various languages, Google considered it as original, further helping the crawling of the website.
  • Increases Website Content Traffic- We all have heard about Neil Patel, a top web content influencer, awarded by the Wall Street journal. In one of the most trending blogs, ‘How to Use Content Language Translation to Increase Your Traffic,’ he stated that when he translated his website into 82 languages, his traffic improved by 47%. Now, that is a remarkable number.
  • Higher Conversion Rate- When the content is available in various languages it directly connects to the audience fulfilling their demand of receiving the needed information. Once the needs of the customers are assured to be satisfied from the gained information, the possibility of conversion or success rate is high.
  • Benefits of Website Localization- The major benefit of translating the website is that it helps businesses stand out from the competition. The localization of the website also reaches the audience on the micro-level, precisely hitting the target market. It reaches a large number of probable buyers at the same time. Make sure you get your website localization done through the best language translators as they’ll know all the details about the native language. 

Our Language Translation Area Of expertise

  • A Huge Network of Certified Translators- Language translation in many local and global languages. Our network of translators is spread across the globe.
  • Language Translation Company for Your Every Need- No matter what type of language translation is required, we provide it all. May it be literature, corporate, the website or medicine, our experts can ensure quality in all. That is what makes PEC translations one of the best translation companies. 
  • All File Formats Accepted- We accept all the file formats. Most of the companies prefer to submit the documents online to the language translation companies.  So we accept all file formats, such as word, pdf. XML, png. JPEG and any other. 
  • Subject Matter Experts- We know you want the content to be perfect. It should not miss out on any important information provided in the source document. Sometimes translators may not understand too much technical data. So there are subject matter experts who’ll help the translators for the more authentic translated document.

Process of LANGUAGE Translation

Get accurate language translation for your business in just three steps-


  1. Give Us Your Document (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It.
  3. We Submit the Document (Online/Offline)
  • Collect the Document and Details- The first step is to collect the document and the details. Online language translators will collect all the information online. And also may call the clients for any clarification. We at PEC translation services will take the documents at your comfort, online or offline. We also provide pick and drop service in case the client wishes to submit the document offline and can’t directly come to us.
  • Translation Process Begins- The language translation agencies will choose the best suitable translator from their source. The selection of the translator is done on the basis of the type of the content, the source as well as the target language of the content, and the expertise required. 

The Translator Uses the Following Techniques for the Translation- 

List of LANGUAGES We Translate

How long does LANGUAGE Translation take?

Depending on the requirement of the client, corporate language translators, tries to provide the on-time delivery of the content. The following factors determine the language translation-


  • The Word Count- The higher the number of words, the longer the time required. The length of the document determines the time taken for the language translation.
  • The Complexity of the Content- Sometimes the technical documents can be complex to understand for the translator. 
  • Translation Speed of the Language Expert- High-experienced corporate language translators will take shorter time than the fresher.
  • Any Other Special Requirement- Depending on the complexity of the document, some clients may ask for the subject matter experts for a better understanding of the content. This may take a bit longer as it all depends on the availability of the language and subject matter experts.

How much does a LANGUAGE Translation cost?

The charges for the language translation services depend on the scope of the work, the target language, length of the content, additional expertise required, and the complexity. The language translator charges the client on a per-word basis.

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Language Translation?

When you do not want to compromise on the quality of the work, it is better to hire a translator from ISO certified language translation agency, such as a PEC translation.  We are well-known for our following specialties-

  • Range of Linguistic Experts- We have a huge range of linguistic experts, starting from local to global. Not just that, but all translators are certified translators. This means they are authorized to provide your translation with the statement of certification.
  • On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both.
  • Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- The document contains sensitive personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best language translation companies, providing accurate content and maintaining its privacy too. 
  • Only Human Translators, No AI, No Machines- We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.
  • Translation at Your Comfort- Online/Offline or Pick Up and Drop Facility- You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.


Language translation is when the content is translated from source to target language. It is mostly done for words or phrases. The translations can be for medical, corporate, literary, or website content. 

There are various online language translation applications or websites which will assist you in the translation process. However, the accuracy is not guaranteed. And one should not take risks in the case of professional document translations. So, it is always better to hire a language translation agency. 

The major difference between individual and professional translators is that the professional translators carry a certification of translations. Their statement of the certificate can authenticate the translation document.

Language translation simply means translating the written content from the source language to the target language. Interpretation means converting the audio/visual or signed language information into written format. 

Yes, we have a group of native language experts who are certified in multiple languages.

You can further contact us on ____

Or through an email-_______

Our customer service representatives will give you the best solution.

No. The language translation agencies believe that human translations will always prevail over AI or Machine translations. We at PEC, provide an only human translation. No Artificial intelligence involved. 

A language translation agency should carry an ISO certification. It shows that the agency is following all the necessary processes to complete the task assuring the high-quality translation. PEC translation services is an ISO-certified translation agency providing authentic and accurate translations.

Both, the price and time took for the delivery is determined on the basis of the following criteria

  1. The per-word count
  2. The per-page count
  3. The target language
  4. The complexity of the content