PEC Translation

From localization to globalization

PEC provides 15 different translation services through which you can mark your presence globally.

Industrial Translation for Your Every Needs

Industrial Translations make global trading smoother and connect with the consumer in native languages. The demand for translations in various industries is higher than ever before. The reason being, globalization has brought the world closer enabling global businesses to have their firm feet on international platforms. Communicating across the borders and breaking the language barriers various industries are expanding their target markets by hiring professional translation agencies such as PEC translations.


PEC has been providing translation services to industries from multiple genres. Whether your industry serves in the agricultural sector or IT or Finance sector, PEC has experts in providing industrial translations in various sectors too.

Industries That Need Translation Services

Medical Translation Services

For better healthcare service, the health care provider and the patient need to communicate hassle-free without language barriers. This is when the medical translation services play a vital role

Legal Translation Services

Many courts want proofs and other legal content to be translated into the native language. This is when legal Translations play an important role

Education Translation Services

It is a multifaceted industry. Educational translation services provide translations for all educational content such as-e-learning apps, software, videos, and many more

Manufacturing Translation Services

We all have sued user manuals at least once. The manufacturing industry demands translations of content such as user manuals for a better understanding of the receiver

Travel & Tourism Translation Services

It is one of the biggest economic sectors. The industry demands translations in regional and international languages to promote tourism on various levels

Website & Localization Translation Services

Your website is the face of your business. If it is available in native languages, the target audience finds it easier to search and purchase. It is one of the most demanded translations

Publishing Translation Services

Publishing translation services render any published content or data from one language to another. It does not matter in which format the content comes PEC provides services in all forms

Media Translation Services

With the multimedia platforms available, almost all entrepreneurs are willing to enlarge the reach of their content. When this content is translated into multiple languages, they are called multimedia translations

SEO Translation Services

The whole purpose of SEO translation is to get a high ranking on the search Engines. A translated content on the websites targets the potential customer accurately

Engineering Translation Services

These translations involve converting the engineering-related content from the source language to the target language. This type of translation involves a lot of technicalities that only experts can perform

Transport & Logistics Translation Services

This industry demands translations for materials like operation manuals, mechanical drawings, or parking rules and regulations. Rail, road, air, and water, all the modes of transportations require translations for multiple reasons

Automobile Translation Services

With an increased trade of automobiles internationally, the demand for automotive translations is on the hike too. Companies demand translations as the content is highly technical

Media & Entertainment Translation Services

The international content is easily available for the local viewer because of translation services such as voice-over or subtitles

Financial Translation Services

It involves all types of reports, data, content, images, videos, or papers that involve financial information

Ecommerce Translation Services

People prefer purchasing the product or the service that is explained in their native language. That is why e-commerce owners demand translations regularly

Mobile & Video Games Translation Services

Games are the most downloaded apps, according to recent research. The game developers translate the games to further enrich the gaming experience. Especially for role-playing games

Mobile App Translation Services

To make the mobile application user-friendly and accessible, app developers are choosing to translate the apps into multiple languages

Technology & Software Translation Services

The IT and software industry is at its spur. To get the catch hold of the global market the industry demands superior quality of translations

Video Translation Services

Thanks to the subtitling and voice over translations that the videos from all over the world have reached on micro-level

Govt & Politics Translation Services

Not just private, but even the public sector departments demand translation services. They translate materials such as government schemes, notices, tenders and many others

Retail Translation Services

Shopping in retail shops is equally in demand even though online purchasing is a new trend. Retail translations help businesses communicate with the consumers in their native languages

Style & Fashion Translation Services

The style and fashion industry translations are necessary as the stylists aim to hit the coordination between the high profile clients and the skilled styling

Food & Drink Translation Services

More than translations, the industry demands trans-creation. They do not just wish to translate the content in another language, but the demands to do it in the most creative way possible

Human resources Translation Services

We all know it as HR, that deals with everything related to employees. The HR translations include, translations of recruiting documents, HR policies, performance management reports and so on

Energy Translation Services

Any economy is hugely dependent on these Oil and Gas  sectors. It demands translations as the industry is evolving and introducing complex terminologies

Insurance Translation Services

To understand how to avail the insurance, a policy document should be available in the native language. Materials such as terms and conditions, bills or receipts should be translated