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Financial Translation Services

Document translation is a process of rendering the document from source language to target language. Various industries require document translation, such as legal, financial, business, or research, and many more. Finance translation services involve the conversion of financial documents, statements, reports, audits and so on from one language to another.

This is usually conducted by a translator with specialist expertise in both languages as well as comprehensive experience within the financial field. These are highly specialised materials that need to be handled by translators with the right kind of knowledge – both linguistic and financial. 

Why Financial Translation Services is Required?

In this highly globalized world, the demand for financial translation services is increasing day by day. Also, not only big multinational companies require financial translation of their documents but also for SME (Small and Medium Enterprise) it is necessary to maintain all the financial documents translated in the target language. Let us take an example here for a better understanding. If a German start-up is thinking about buying a competitor in the United States, it is necessary to have all the financial documents translated into German to make the right decision. 

Benefits of Financial Translation Services

When you hire a financial translation service, you hire people with the expertise to translate these tricky documents like the translation of foreign currency financial statements. You need experienced translators for these documents to protect yourself from any financial loss. This is where the benefit of financial translation service takes place. Following are the various benefits of financial translation services:


  • Quality Assurance Financial translation is a very technical subject in the translation area. It involves various terminology and numbers which needs to be translated carefully. Only a finance specialist can understand the concepts of financial translation. So, it is very beneficial to hire someone professional when it comes to translating financial documents. It ensures accurate results and effective translation quality. 
  • On-time Delivery In a large financial sector numbers tend to change very quickly which may require translation. Hiring a professional translator is the only way possible to get the financial document translated whenever required. They promise to give on-time delivery as they are experienced translators, which translate into expert knowledge of the financial language. 
  • Maintain Confidentiality Financial documents are almost always highly confidential and keeping that in mind financial translation agencies always make sure that any important documents are safe with them and follow companies professional ethics. 

Process of Financial Translation

PEC services help make various procedures required frequently much easier ensuring client satisfaction. We make sure that we provide explicit and legitimate services by interposing you to an accessible team and accommodating service. You can get your document translation done with us in just a few steps. All document translations are done by following the below-mentioned steps. 


  • Submission of the Document to the Professional Document Translator- While we collect the document from you we promise to keep it confidential. But we also further enquire about the scope of work. For example, the target language, the purpose of the translation, the target audience, and any other specific information that will further enhance the quality of the translation.
  • Translation of the Document- Depending on the target language, expertise required and availability of the translator, we give the documents only to the certified translator. While translating we adhere to sticking to the context by only changing the language.
  • Proofreading and Revision- Our certified translator revise,re-read and proofread to ensure the quality of the document. We follow this process as we do not wish to leave even an inch of mistake in the translated document.
  • Certify the Document- Many educational, legal, and commercial documents require a statement of certification from professional translators. If the client requires to certify the documents, our translators are authorized to provide the statement of certification too.
  • Submit Back the Document to the Owner- Online or offline or pick up and drop facility we give you back the document the way you want to.

Things to consider during Financial Translation

  • Perfect Terminology Financial translation includes tricky terminology which is more complex than a simple translation process. Sometimes the average native speaker does not understand the financial terms. So, accuracy is vital when it comes to this kind of terminology. 
  • Specific Market Knowledge- In this financial translation service translators must-have niche market knowledge. It includes anything from working with the financial report,  price sheets, tax returns and other financial documents. It is necessary to make sure your business stays on the right side and communicates flawlessly with all of the relevant regulatory bodies.
  • The Right Technical Knowledge- With the wide range of financial documents make sure your translators are capable of handling the technical aspects of translating them. Financial translation requires a specialist set of skills and experience to create a fast and accurate workflow and need to make sure the right level of accuracy is present across all of your documents. 
  • Attention to Details- English speakers are used to reading numbers like 100,000 as one hundred thousand but Korean speakers will read this more like ten ten-thousands and this is often the case with Asian languages. So, the translators need to know how to translate them accurately.  Translators also need impeccable attention to detail because a misplaced comma or decimal point can cause all kinds of problems in financial documents.

At PEC translation service these are the important things we consider to make sure your financial documents are translated accurately and consistency is maintained so that they can be understood in the right manner. 

How Long Does Financial Translation Take?

It simply depends on the type of documents. The time required to translate the thesis will be higher than the time required to translate the birth certificate. Yet again there is no particular timeline for this. But, we at PEC translation services, understand time is money, and we will deliver you the translated copy in a given time.

How much does a Financial Translation cost?

Financial translation rates vary with the type of financial content and the requirement of translation of financial documents. It also differs with the language or languages it is to be translated to and the type of numerical data in the document. Financial translation costs, hence, cannot be determined loosely. To get the best deals on the financial translation fees, reach out to our executives.

Types of Financial Services that we translate

Various industries need financial translation service to create a valuable document in the target language. PEC translation services provide financial services to this type of industry where lots of financial translation is required. 

  • Insurance Sector
  • Tax & Accountancy
  • Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Investment 
  • Corporate Business

These are the types of industry where various types of financial translation service are required. We provide our translation service to these types of the industry so that they do not face any barrier of communication or language.  

List Of Financial Documents That We Translate

There is a wide range of financial material that comprise the list for financial document translation. These documents are of different types and most are of commercial type. The financial translation could be for a paper, a soft copy of something or any online content. The documents are generally translated for financial conversion are as follows:

  • Bank Statements
  • Presentations
  • Reports
  • Liquidations
  • Balance Sheets
  • Financial Models
  • Insight Documents
  • Regulatory Documents
  • Financial Statements
  • Banking Documentations
  • Insurance Translation
  • Market Reports
  • Equity and Bond Research Notes
  • Disclaimers
  • Fund Regulations
  • Licensing Agreements
  • Performance Reports
  • Investment Reports
  • Service Agreements and Contracts
  • Regulatory and Compliance Documentation
  • Tender Letters
  • NDAs
  • Datasheets
  • Trademark and Patent Registration
  • Financial Reports
  • Marketing Materials
  • Fund Fact Sheets
  • Regulatory Prospectuses
  • KIIDs
  • Income Statement
  • Financial Consultancy
  • Audit Documents
  • Investment Marketing
  • Insurance Marketing
  • Insurance Policy
  • Prospectus
  • Profit and Loss Reports
  • Equity Research
  • Shareholder Information

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Financial Translation?

PEC has been functioning for more than 6 years now and has acquired itself the title of best services in India. We have developed this faith and trust all because of the support and experience that we have gained over the years. PEC affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best version of the facility. Our team of language experts is efficient in providing document translation services for all types of documents. May it be commercial, legal, educational, or personal. 


  • PEC translations service agency will help you with financial translation by maintaining 100% confidentiality and authenticity. We understand that documents are sensitive and personal to you so we assure you to maintain the privacy of the document. The document is with us and only with us.
  • PEC translation service assures the quality of the conversion & provides the best version of the facility. Our ISO certification proves that we provide quality assurance of documents that are needed to be translated. 
  • We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. Because we believe in giving the facilities at a competitive price. PEC translation service has expert linguists that are proficient in the job that they perform. The translators are experienced and knowledgeable to ensure the point conversion of text. Also, they have technical and terminology knowledge required in a financial document which ensures accurate information.