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Education Translation Services

Educational translations are about converting the education-related content from source to target language. The translator reads the text provided and then converts it into the target language. Sometimes the texts are a little tough to review, read and retain information. This is when the translators play a vital role. Education translation is a very important need today as it is doing a wise job of serving students across the globe and sharing knowledge. The education industry is not about gaining financial profit like any other industry. Rather it is more about spreading education and wisdom to the students. It is about helping students stand on their own feet and be successful. Education plays a vital role in the kids’ life. Also, it is one of the widest industries covering almost all sectors of life. Starting from humanities to space science, from biotechnology to zoology, there are millions of subjects that are thoughts across the globe. However, not all countries have courses for all the subjects. Some countries provide better education in particular courses and some do not. So, a student from Japan may want to study linguistics for the Sanskrit language.

He cannot sit and study about it in Japan. He will have to study in India. In such cases, the translations play a vital role. Education translations are needed for everything starting from translating the degree certificates, to translating the thesis you prepared. Each educational document has its own characteristics, the translation of all the variety of educational documents is equally challenging considering the variety of subjects and the documents both. A correct translation of all these enables motivation to learn and enriches the education furthermore. Any single mistake in the translation of the academic document can mislead the students or the chances of spreading the misinformation are higher, especially in the subjects like History or Philosophy where the timelines and the concepts are correlated. That is why it is advisable to hire professional educational translation services for accurate, authentic, and complete translations to guide the students correctly. True that all types of translations need utmost sincerity, academic translations have their own space. The reason being, academic translation is a delicate issue and is considered to be one of the most complex language translation services.

Why Education Translation Services is Required?

Education Translations services are required for multiple reasons. The growth of the student is dependent on education. Other than food, shelter, and clothes, education is the next most important need of human beings. What education does to humans is remarkable. It enriches the thoughts, it helps you earn and it also helps you have better knowledge of the various subjects. Education translations are required majorly for the following reasons- 

  • To Study Abroad- Any student who is willing to study abroad has to translate the supporting documents in the native language of the travel country. It is required to prove the eligibility of the candidate. Documents such as university transcript, degree certificate, mark sheets, etc. are required to be converted into different languages. In some foreign countries, it is mandatory to submit the application forms, visas, passports, and other documents in the native language of the country. The candidate is evaluated based on the presented documents. Moreover, these documents also need the certification of the translations assuring the authenticity of the documents. The visa-issuance body of the country checks these educational certificates before issuing the further study abroad visa to the student. The translated documents, the copy of the original documents, and the certificate of translations are checked and matched before achieving the visa. 
  • For Bilingual Educations- In many schools and colleges where the number of foreign students is high, bilingual education is implemented. In such cases, the translations are performed more frequently. Also, some schools and colleges hire a full-time interpreter for a better understanding of the students. Bilingual education is still prevalent as globalization has taken place and in some cases, the number of foreign students is high too. Such schools and colleges prefer hiring a professional educational translation agency for accurate translations. 
  • To Obtain Work Abroad Visa- Education stays with our lifetime. Even when we work, we implement everything that we have learned in and outside the classroom. Your employment is dependent on the education you took and it proves. You should be able to show the embassy or the companies that the education you have taken is suitable for the job you wish to obtain. Especially in the case of a work abroad visa, translations of educational documents are needed. Education and employment documents go hand in hand, other than educational documents the employee also need to translate the following documents
    1. Offer or Employment Letter
    2. Previous Experience Letters
    3. Increment Letters
    4. Appraisal letters
    5. Transfer Letters
    6. Recommendation Letters
    7. Salary Slips 
    8. And other related documents
  • Spread the Knowledge (Research, Thesis)- Education increases as it is spread, we know this saying. The more you share the more you gain. There is a number of new thesis and researches written every day across the globe. How are they circulated? Simply through the translations. Education translation plays a vital role in spreading innovations, researches, thesis, and other related educational document translations.

Benefits of Education Translation Services

  1. High Chances of Admission–  When the educational content, such as university transcripts, degree certificates, leaving certificates, or migration certificates are available in the travel country’s native language, there are high chances for the student to get admission to his/her desired university. It automatically elevates the authenticity of your documents. Because all the translated university transcripts receive the certificate of translation from the translators. It shows that your translated university transcript is complete and accurate according to the knowledge of the translator. 
  2. Supporting Document for Visa Processing- This is the most important document for a study abroad visa. If the educational translations are certified, it makes your visa processing easy. Many aspiring student’s visa applications are rejected because the documents are improper.
  3. Proves Your Eligibility- The translation of educational documents proves your eligibility. It is a document that tells all about your education so far. The subjects, scores, evaluation patterns, and grades prove how compatible you are to get into your desired course. Make sure you get all your educational documents translated from the certified translators only. As they can provide the best translations by interchanging the words from source to target language and which suits best according to your subjects.   
  4. The Authenticity of the Documents- All the educational documents are important and hold an important value. To study abroad you need to submit the documents such as application forms, recommendation letters from the previous colleges, language skills test reports, and essays for joining the institute. Documents such as University transcripts are some of the most important documents for an applicant to prove his/her eligibility. When all the documents are translated and certified, the authenticity of it is elevated.

Process of Education Translation

You can get your Educational translation done with us in just three steps. Following are the steps that we follow-

Process of Education Translation
  1. Share Your Document Online/Offline
  2. We Translate It.
  3. Handover of the Translated Document Online/Offline

Let’s look at the details-


  1. Submission of the Educational Material to the Professional Translator- While we collect the educational documents from you we promise to keep them confidential. But we also further enquire about the scope of work. For example, the target language, the purpose of the translation, and any other specific information that will further enhance the quality of the translation.
  2. Translation of the Educational Documents- Depending on the target language, expertise required and availability of the translator, we give the educational documents only to the certified translator. While translating we adhere to sticking to the context by only changing the language.
  3. Proofreading and Revision- Our certified translator revise, re-read and proofread to ensure the quality of the document. We follow this process as we do not wish to leave even an inch of mistake in the translated document.
  4. Certify the Document-  We certify your translated educational document. Our highly qualified translators are authorized to issue certificates for all the educational translations. With this certificate, our translators assure the quality and the completion of the translation process. 
  5. Submit Back the Document to the Owner Online or offline or pick up and drop facility we give you back the university transcript the way you want it.

List of Educational Translation We Provide

  • Report Cards
  • Progress Cards
  • All types of Academic Certificates
  • Handbooks
  • School Rules and Policies
  • Safety Manuals from Schools, Colleges, and Universities. 
  • Exam Papers
  • Text Books
  • Reference Books
  • Other Academic Books
  • Schools/College Promotional Materials Such as Brochures, Websites, Etc.
  • E-learning Material Translations

Things to consider during Education Translation

  • Understanding the Education Systems- Educational system changes as the region changes. Every country follows different types of educational systems. Now with the pandemic situations, the scenarios have changed even further with entire schooling being online. Now the need for translations and educational interpretations and transcriptions is higher than ever before. While handing over the project to the educational translator, the client should give a detailed brief about the various things. And the translator should provide educational translations while adhering to those details. So, before going for an actual translation, the publisher should do thorough global market research. 
  • Knowing the Scope of Translation Work- Once you know your target students, and the target language you wish to translate your content in, understand the scope of the translation work. Check for the following things.
    1. Connecting With the Students- Know which all students you will be reaching. Your students’ reach is going to increase when your educational content is translated, So understand that the scope of your translation work will be higher.  
    2. Increase Sales- For instance, you have to translate the e-textbook. When translating it in many languages, the students or the schools will know that they have to approach you to buy it. So the sales of your books will increase. 
    3. Improves Visibility-When your e-content is translated, the chances of your content getting more clicks are higher. This is because people can now give google inputs in their native language. In this case, google catches the content according to the language, your content visibility automatically increases. 
  • Finding a Reliable Translation Service Provider- The second and the most important thing is to research the reliable translation service provider. If in case the translator fails to understand the target audience or the source content, there is a possibility that the misinformation is circulated to the target audience. A publisher must look for the following things while choosing the translation service provider
    1. ISO Certification
    2. Network of Translators
    3. Quick Turnaround Time
    4. Human Translations, No Tools Involved for Translations
    5. Cost-effective. 

How long does Education Translation take?

It simply depends on the type of education material. Obviously, the time required to translate the thesis will be higher than the time required to translate the birth certificate. Yet again there is no particular timeline for this. But, we at PEC translation services, understand time is money, and we will deliver you the translated copy in a given time.

It may take longer based on the following factors-


  • Several Languages- Many students apply for more than one international university. If they belong to different countries, the students need to get the translations done in all the native languages. When the requirement is for more than one language, it may take longer. 
  • Experts Required- Education translations can come in any subject. Sometimes the translations need help from subject matter experts. The translator may need help from the third party if in case there are any additional courses about which the translator is not knowledgeable. This will take additional time from the experts.  
  • Translation for Any Other Supporting Documents- Some international universities demand other related documents such as recommendation letters, to be translated into their native language. As the number of documents increases the higher will be the time required for the translation. 

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Education Translation?

  • Quality Assurance- Our ISO certification proves that we provide Educational translations to high standards. This also makes us one of the best translation agencies. PEC’s document translation services assure the quality of the conversion and provide the best version of the facility. 
  • On-time Deliveries-  Providing on-time deliveries without compromising on the qualities, PEC translation services promise hassle-free processing.  We know how important it is for you to get the rendered educational material on time. The future of many students is related to the education material. We promise to give it back to you in or before time.  
  • Cost-effective- We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. Because we believe in giving the facilities at a competitive price. We charge on a per word basis and based on your target language. 
  • Easy Accessibility- Clients can submit the documents online or offline according to their comfort. We also provide a pick and drop facility if in case any client wants to submit a hard copy.
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity- Documents contain sensitive and personal information. PEC document translation service company, assures to maintain the privacy of the document. The document is with us and we follow the strict confidentiality guideline. We do not share your information with anyone else.