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Ecommerce Translation Services

Ecommerce translation services will break the language barriers to rule the foreign market. In today’s world the ecommerce market is in demand, so to reach the maximum market you need to translate your ecommerce site. Need of professionalism is a must in ecommerce translation services, hence you should approach the professional service provider for the ecommerce translation services.

Ecommerce translation services include product description, response to customer feedback and maintaining the relationship with a customer with local language. This seems to be difficult but this is not that much difficult if you approach the right service company. PEC translation service will be the right choice for your ecommerce translation services.

Why Ecommerce Translation Services is Required?

To reach the maximum target market you need to update your ecommerce website. And if it is targeting the global market it must be translated into the respective languages. Ecommerce translation plays an important role in updating your ecommerce business, it changed the way of communication, started business & relationships, socialized and changed the buying habits of the customer. The concept of ecommerce services has been on a steady rise, this trend seems to be here to stay for a long time. The goal of the sales of most companies means going globally and for it, you need to translate your ecommerce platform to reach out to the maximum market.

Benefits of Ecommerce Translation Services

  • Broader Customer Base- The Reason you should translate your ecommerce site is to expand your current customer base. The more users that can access your website by using their native language, the maximum customer you will get. English is a global language, so starting your ecommerce website in English would be a smart move, but not every regional public reads or speaks in English. Hence, it would be best if you translate your website according to the targeted market language.
  • Choosing the Right Languages- Deciding what exact language should go on your ecommerce website will be a difficult task. You should first analyse your current market base and the market you want to expand your business. Shortlist some of the common languages that are used mostly in the targeted market and will be appropriate for your business. 
  • Search Engine Visibility- The online success of a business depends on if you can highly rank on search engines or not. The higher you rank your search engine results the more chances your prospects will see you. It will boost your sales and profits. How you will rank on search engines when your targeted market comes from a different region and their native language is different. For that, you need a professional translation service provider.
  • Brand Image- To stand out in a market you have to impress your customer and grab their attention. Having a multilingual site serves that you care about customers’ perspective and their preference. Customers will associate with your company with professionalism and high-quality products will be more likely to return.
  • Competitiveness- Having a multilingual site means you are ahead of your competitors. You must watch your competitors moves and update and translate your website before they do. This will be beneficial for your business as more customers will reach your website than your competitor’s website.

Process of Ecommerce Translation


The process of ecommerce  translation is like any other translation. We provide translations for the ecommerce industry in the following three steps-

Process of Ecommerce Translation
  1. We Take the Content (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It
  3. We Submit It Back to the Client (Online/Offline)

The client can submit the source content in three different ways-


  1. Online- Most of the content that needs translation is submitted online. The reading and viewing habits of the people are changing with the current scenarios. People prefer reading e-magazines or e-newsletters over hard copies. The audiovisual content is considered to be more approachable than the text. To match up with the trend, Ecommerce stores are preferring to translate their e-content rigorously. In such cases, the  Ecommerce store will share the e-link of the content.
  2. Soft Copies- Soft copies should not be confused with online documents. The client submits the images or scanned copies of the documents. No link can be shared. For example, a client wants a page or two to be translated from the script of the documentary. He/she will only scan those pages or will take a picture from the phone and will share it with the translation agency.
  3. Hard Copies- It is when the client submits the hard copies of the source content. Such as a hard copy of the magazine. The client hands over the physical copy of it to the agency. Sometimes the Ecommerce translation agencies provide pick and drop service of the documents too.

Translation of the Content- While translating the Ecommerce content the translator considers the following things,


  1. The Target Language- The translator prepares the glossary and the style guides to render the source content to the target language.
  2. The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated.
  3. The Length of the Content- The time required for the content to be translated depends on the length of the content. For example, a translation of a marketing email will take a shorter time than the time required for the translation of an e-magazine.

The Submission of the Document- The agency gets back to the client with the complete translated document. Sometimes the Ecommerce stores need a certificate of translation. PEC translation services has a group of certified translators who can give the certificate assuring the quality and completion of the translation.

Things to consider during Ecommerce Translation

  • Organized Content- Categorize your content in a way that parts are localized to each language. For example, in a country where snow never snows and will not appear in the country, you may not introduce your skiing gear catalogue. It will help to reduce the time and cost of translating a website and make the website more relevant according to the market.
  • Build Guide- No matter what you translate your website into many languages, the customer needs a guide to introduce or know the details of the website. Help them by building a style guide.
  • Know the Context of the Content- Nice written language is hard to translate. We can take an example of the English phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. The meaning of the phrase is things are not always what they seem. But if you translate word to word in another language it may not convey the actual meaning of the content. So consider the context of the content in the translation process.
  • Reduce Phrases and Rewrite It- After translating the whole website, we need to compare each page looking for phrases that have similar meanings. Translation memory does the work easy. Our goal is to say the same things in the same way.
  • Translation Document- Creating the translation document after translating a website is important. Providing a translator for each page of the site in rewritten form can be expensive. So we should produce a document that includes everything we translated which only includes phrases one.
  • Check Translation Errors- After the translation of the whole website, you should crosscheck the meaning and errors of translation. Compare original content with the translation content and try to match their context. Use machine translation tools for checking obvious errors in translation.

How Long Does Ecommerce Translation Take?

The time required for completing the ecommerce translations is depended on the following factor-

    1. The Target Language- If the content is required for more than one target language it will take a longer time. 
    2. The Type of the Content- The translator needs to understand in which type the content arrives and in which form it needs to be translated. It can be a video, audio, or podcast. The more complex the content is, the higher the time required. 
    3. The Length of the Content- The time required for translating the content depends on the length of the content. For example, a translation of a research paper translation and video subtitling will differ depending on the time taken. 
    4. Complexity- Ecommerce translations involve a lot of technical terminologies. Along with the length of the document, the complexity also determines the time required for the ecommerce translations.

HOW MUCH DOES Ecommerce Translation Cost?

Quality comes with a cost. The complex content of Ecommerce fields requires expertise. So the charges may be higher. Mostly the price of the translation depends on the length of the source content. Ecommerce translation services charge based on the following elements,

  • The Volume of the Source Content- The agencies charge on per word or a per-minute basis. If the source content is in text format, the charges are paid according to the per word basis. If the content is audio-visual content, the charges are applied on a per-second or per-minute basis. The larger the volume of the content the higher the cost will be. 
  • Language Complications- Some languages are complex to render in. Such as German. The language needs utmost grammar accuracy, proper syntax and sentence formations, and thorough knowledge of the vocabulary. Charges for international languages are higher than the regional or national languages. Also sometimes the content needs to be rendered in more than one language. So the charges increase accordingly. 
  • The Complexity of the Content- Ecommerce documents are complex to understand. The translations of the same sometimes need expert advice. In this case, the agency has to spend some amount to consult with the subject matter experts. The translation agency considers the client before hiring the experts. The cost of this is included in the quotations and the client is charged accordingly. 

Considering all these aspects the Ecommerce translations may seem a little expensive. But it is better to spend some amount to gain quality. Because the risk factor in Ecommerce translation is high as it is directly related to human lives.

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Ecommerce Translation?

PEC Translations is one of the topmost translation agencies in Pune with 6+ years of experience and ISO certification. PEC translations can you with the translation process in the following way-


  • Range of Linguistic Experts- We have a huge range of linguistic experts, starting from local to global. Not just that, but all translators are certified translators. This means they are authorized to provide your translation with the statement of certification.
  • On-time Deliveries- With the experience of 6+ years in translation services, our language translation company is well known for providing on-time deliveries. We know that you approached us because you wanted faster delivery and with accuracy, our team assures both.
  • Accuracy and Confidentiality on Priority- The document contains sensitive personal or professional information. We promise to keep it that way. Also, we at PEC follow all the standard procedures to meet the accuracy. Hence we are one of the best language translation companies, providing accurate content and maintaining its privacy too.
  • Translation at Your Comfort- Online/Offline or Pick Up and Drop Facility, You can easily submit your documents online too. But if you wish to give the hard copies, we also provide pick and drop service.
  • Only Human Translators, No Artificial Intelligence, No Machines- We do not believe that machines can replace human translators. We do not use any tools for translations. We only give it to experts. Simply because machines do not know the cultural differences, they do not know the context. AI only knows word-to-word translations which will mislead the translated content.
  • Patient and Responsive Customer Service- Call us and our patient and humble customer service executive will resolve all your queries at any given time. They are equally keen to understand your needs and fulfill the same.