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Document Translation Services

Document translation is a process of rendering the document from source language to target language. Various industries require document translation, such as legal, financial, business, or research, and many more.

To explain further, let’s take an example. Imagine you run a business in one country and you are about to close the deed with another international company. You need to sign the deed at the earliest. The barrier is the language of the deed document.

As stated by the Indian Notary Act, only the translators holding the certification of translation are authorized to do the document translation. This type of translation is considered a little difficult as the translator can receive any type of document. It can be educational, commercial, or personal. There are various expert document translators available online who can accept any given type of document translation.

Why Document Translation Required?

As the business grows, It is required to communicate your achievements, business plans and ideas, information, and knowledge to the world. This is for commercial purposes. The document translation for education is required when a student or a client wishes to covert their academic records such as a degree or diploma certificate or transcripts. Students require translated transcripts mostly when they wish to apply for a student’s visa to study abroad. 


Lastly, the document translation is required for personal use too. Documents such as birth or death certificate, marriage or divorce certificate, name change affidavit, bonafide certificate are required for personal use. PEC translation services is a document translation service company that can fulfill all your document translation needs. 


Benefits of Document Translation

  • Appeals to the Larger Audience- When the document is translated into various languages it easily appeals to the larger audience. For e.g. If some document is only in English it is not approachable to those who cannot understand it. Thesis for that matter. Many research documents need to be published in multiple languages. The translated copy of the thesis provides information in the native language. And the work of a researcher is available on various linguistic platforms too. 
  • Accurate Technical Translation- Commercial and legal documents demand up-to-the-mark translation. Hence, professional document translation companies assured the quality translations adhering to the context of the document. Professional translators are certified because they are experts in only changing the language of the document without harming the meaning of the text. 
  • Certified Authenticity of the Document- When a certified translator translates the document, he/she gives the statement of authenticity. These documents are easily acceptable everywhere.

Process of Document Translation

You can get your document translation done with us in just three steps. All document translations are done by following the below-mentioned steps.


  • Share Your Document (Online/Offline)
  • We Translate It.
  • Handover of the Translated Document (Online/Offline)

Let’s look at the details-

List of Documents for Translation

Though the list is majorly divided into categories such as commercial, personal, and educational documents, the following is the detailed list. Professional document translators are ready to take any type of document that the client provides.  

PEC translation services have a group of document translation experts who are certified to translate documents as follows-

How Long Does Document Translation Take?

It simply depends on the type of documents. Obviously, the time required to translate the thesis will be higher than the time required to translate the birth certificate. Yet again there is no particular timeline for this. But, we at PEC translation services, understand time is money, and we will deliver you the translated copy in a given time.

How Much Does a Document Translation Cost?

Quality comes with the price. The professional document translation agencies take reasonable rates for the services. However, there is not an ideal range of the costs. It totally depends on the length of the document, the target language, the level of expertise required, and the scope of the work. At PEC translation services, we promise to provide cost-effective services at a competitive price. 

How Pec Translations Will Help You to Translate Your Documents?

  • Quality Assurance- Our ISO certification proves that we provide document translation to high standards. PEC’s document translation services assure the quality of the conversion & provide the best version of the facility.
  • On-time Deliveries- Providing on-time deliveries without compromising on the qualities, PEC document translation services promise hassle-free processing.
  • Cost-effective- We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. Because we believe in giving the facilities at a competitive price
  • Easy Accessibility- Clients can submit the documents online or offline according to their comfort. We also provide a pick and drop facility if in case any client demands. Online or offline submissions of documents.
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity- Documents contain sensitive and personal information. PEC document translation service company, assures to maintain the privacy of the document. The document is with us and only with us.
  • All-inclusive- Our team of language experts is efficient in providing document translation services for all types of documents. May it be commercial, legal, educational, or personal.

Why Choose Human Translators Over Ai or Machine Translators?

If you want the meaning of a certain word in your native language, you’ll directly put it on google translate. And sometimes you end up laughing at it. Because the result is not what you were expecting. Exactly that is the reason why AI will never replace human translators. Because AI understands the words, it doesn’t understand the context.


  • Word to Word Translation- The AI will take the translation word-to-word. It will not go with the flow of the context. It doesn’t understand the scope of the work, the purpose of the document translation, or any other particular requirements given by the client. An exact word-to-word translation is not required all the time. Some alterations are needed to maintain the accuracy of the document. That’s why human translations will prevail over AI.
  • Mistakes Can Cost a Lot- After all, we are doing this all for the money business. If you end up investing in a certain app for the translation, and if you do not get the desired results, it will be a waste of money. Time invested is another thing. So to save on money and time both document translation companies can be a suitable solution.
  • Quicker Than Humans but Not Accurate- AI is faster than humans. But not accurate and cannot provide authentic document translations. They may save your time but will not give the result you awaited for. Humans may take time but the quality is assured.
  • Privacy Breaches- There are high chances of documents getting leaked when it is online. Where confidentiality is highly maintained when it is safer hands like translation agencies. They are certified so they are bound to follow the accuracy and confidentiality policies.

Considering all the above risks, hiring document translation agencies will be the best option.


We all know that there are various apps that can help you translate. But for accurate and error-free document translation it is advisable to hire a translation agency.

  • With N number of translation agencies working today, it is difficult to find a reliable option.  For the accurate, quick, and trustable source of agency, you should look for the following points-

    • ISO certified translation agency.
    • Team of certified language experts.
    • Experience in the business translation industry.
    • In-time deliveries.
    • Assurance of the quality and the secrecy of the document.
    • Cost-effective services. 
    • An agency that will translate all and any type of document.

Agency serves translation for all types of documents. Starting from personal, educational, commercial, and legal too. They also accept all file formats, such as docs., ppts., XML, CSV, pdf, png or jpeg, and hard copies too. 

Agencies collect your document online or offline. Some agencies also provide pick and drop service if the client wishes to submit the hard copies. They allocate the work to the most eligible language expert considering your requirements. The expert will take further details from you and begin the translation process. Once the first copy is complete, they’ll re-read and proofread the document before handing it over to you.

The fees are determined on the following factors- 

  • The target language- Charges for regional languages are generally lesser than the charges for global languages. 
  • The type and the length of the document- The longer the document higher will be the cost. Generally, the companies charge per word or per-page basis. So obviously, the cost for translating the graduation transcript will be lesser than the cost for translating the legal document.
  • Scope of the work- The charges are higher if there is any additional expertise required. The complex thesis may need additional help from the subject matter expert.
  1. The volume of the document- It means the length and depth of the document is a major factor that determines the price.
  2. Target Language– Language translator charges high if a high level of expertise is required. For example, translation in a local language may take less cost as compared to the international languages.
  3. The scope of the work– Sometimes a document may come complex. An extra effort needs to be put in by the translator to understand more details. There might be some specific requirements of the client that will further raise the cost of the translation.

There is no fixed answer to this. The length, depth, and expertise required will decide the time taken for the translation.

Most of the companies hire certified translators only. These translators are authorized to give the statement of the certificate on the translations. However, the statement of translation is mostly required for the legal document.