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Deed Translation Services

The Deed is a very important commercial document that explains the financial and operational whereabouts of the company to the shareholders. The public corporations of the business work on compiling the report. The report contains graphical representations, photographs, a narrative of the happenings at the organization throughout the year. The report also sometimes includes the company forecast mentioning the probable benefits to the company.

The end of the report consists of the financial and operational details of the company. The translation of the Lease has become a need of the hour because many companies have established their offices internationally too. To give the Deed to the international offices, it is better to get them translated. It gives a better understanding to the foreign client about the progress of the company.

Why Deed Translation Services is Required?

Deed is the most important document that the company publishes. It is a cornerstone of any modern business used by clients, investors, or funding bodies. It measures the financial credibility and integrity of the company. Some companies also have to submit these documents to the government for various purposes.  To expand the business, the company has to show various Deed.


When it comes to international expansions, the Lease have to be in the understandable language of the client. Many companies large or small wish to present their Deed in multiple languages. The first preference is mostly English, and the second preference is for the languages used by the owners, employees, and shareholders in the country of listings. 


Companies that translate their Deed assure to adhere to the context of the Lease.  They prefer hiring professional translation agencies who are experts in commercial document translations, and very well know the terminologies, subject matter expertise, and of course the linguistic expertise for both the source and the target language.

Benefits of Deed Translation Services

Following are the advantages of Deed translations- 


  • Increases Readability- Hiring an official translation agency for Lease translations helps increase the readability of the report. When the Deed is translated into multiple languages, it makes sense to the target audience. Many multinational companies prefer hiring professional translation services to translate their Lease so that the report is easily understood by the foreign branch offices of the company.    
  • Builds Trust in Employees and Clients- The client will appreciate the efforts taken by the company by translating the Deed in their native language. Also, it is awardable when the employees are provided with the Lease in understandable language. The reports sometimes mention the key contributions by the employees or clients and various departments. When the Deed is translated for employees who are working in different countries, the company can gain their appreciation.   
  • Better Coordination Between the International Clients- A commercial document such as Deed builds the official image of your company in front of the client. When this is presented in the native language of the international client. The report also focuses on which areas the company has to focus on more. A translated content easily communicates to international clients. With this, the international company can focus on those points to achieve the better results.

Process of Deed Translation

You can get your Deed translated in just three steps.

Process of Deed/Lease Translation
  1. Share Your Document (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate It
  3. Handover of the Translated Document (Online/Offline)

Let’s look at the details-


  1. Submit the Copy of Deed to a Professional Translator- While we collect the document from you we promise to keep it confidential. But we also further enquire about the scope of work. For example, the target language, the purpose of the translation, the target audience, and any other specific information that will further enhance the quality of the translation.
  2. Actual Translation of the Deed- Depending on the target language, expertise required and availability of the translator, we give the documents only to the certified translator. While translating we adhere to sticking to the context by only changing the language.
  3. Proofreading and Revision- Our certified translator revise, re-read and proofread to ensure the quality of the translated document of the Lease. We follow this process as we do not wish to leave even an inch of mistake in the translated document.
  4. Statement of Certification- Lease translations require the statement of certification from the professional translators. Our translators are authorized to provide the statement of the certificate. Translators at PEC have pursued education from the recognized university or institutions. This education authorizes them to provide the certification. 
  5. Submit Back the Document to the Owner- Online or offline or pick up and drop facility we give you back the document the way you want it. 

Things to consider during Deed Translation

Many leading translation agencies are well known for the Deed translation services. Make sure you consider the following things before hiring the agency that fulfills your translation requirements.


  • Certified Language Translator- When the translator holds the certificate of excellence, he/she has obtained the standard of accuracy of both, the source and the target language. Clients must choose for the translation agencies that have a group of certified experts. Only these translators can provide the statement of certification assuring the completion and the accuracy of the translations. 
  • Proven Experience- (Portfolio or Samples)- One can also ask for sample translations or a portfolio of work done. This gives the client an idea about the translator’s capabilities. The client cannot afford to take the risk of any mistake when it comes to complex documents like Deed.   
  • Specialization Area- While planning to translate the Lease make sure to choose a reliable translation agency. An agency should have a range of experts in any given source and target language. They should also be known to the legal terms. It is better to choose the best language translator depending on the area of specialization. 
  • The Purpose of the Translation and Target Audience- Every translator needs to understand why the content is being translated to the target language.

How Long Does Deed Translation Take?

Documents like Deed are commercial documents. These translations need in-depth research to maintain the authenticity of the document. The time required for these translations depends on various factors. The main three aspects are text type, the target, and source language, and the translator’s knowledge about the company’s commercial document. An authentic translation is achieved when thorough research and formations are carried out.


When it comes to the Lease translations, the translator is not just a linguist, but he/she also performs as a researcher, proofreader, and terminologist. He/she reproduces the entire document. All these variables should be considered in the duration that the translations can take. Technical or non-technical, all these aspects affect the time required for the translations. In the case of not-so-technical documents, such as lease or deed documents, the process can take a little less time. This is because the translator would be most familiar with the general vocabulary and the common context of the document.  


In the case of technical content, such as market research files or equity research papers, the time required will be higher. The translator will need to use the glossaries and the style guides to maintain the uniformity of the terminologies. To bring the content to accuracy, the translator may need help from a legal expert. Which will further add to the time duration.

How Much Do Deed Translation Services Cost?

Quality comes with the price. The professional Deed translation agencies take reasonable rates for the services. However, there is not an ideal range of the costs. It depends on the length of the document, the target language, the level of expertise required, and the scope of the work. At PEC translation services, we promise to provide cost-effective services at a competitive price. However, charging a reasonable price does not mean that we at PEC compromise on the quality of the translation.

Our Recent Deed Translation

Translating commercial documents such as Deed is one of the main services that PEC provides.  Commercial documents are complex. It needs detailed research.  The translation is treated with utmost accuracy and authentication. 

As vital records are used in verifying identity, Lease and their translation are treated with the utmost seriousness and professional care.

How PEC Translations Will Help You for Deed Translation?

PEC has been functioning for more than 6 years now and has acquired itself the title of best services in India. We have developed this faith and trust all because of the support and experience that we have gained over the years. PEC affirms the quality of the conversion and assists you in getting the best version of the facility.


It is better to choose the best Deed translation agency than a freelancer or by doing it yourself. If you do so, you would be risking the reputation of the company. Because Lease or other commercial documents are mostly related to the growth of the company.


A small mistake in the terminologies of the reports can mislead the entire data. It is better to hire a translation agency, such as PEC translations. 


  • Quality Assurance- Our ISO certification proves that we provide commercial document translation to high standards. This also makes us one of the best document translators’ agencies. PEC’s document translation services assure the quality of the conversion and provide the best version of the facility. 
  • On-time Deliveries-  Providing on-time deliveries without compromising on the qualities, PEC commercial document translation services promise hassle-free processing. 
  • Cost-effective- We decide the charges only after having a thorough discussion with the client. Because we believe in giving the facilities at a reasonable price.
  • Easy Accessibility- Clients can submit the documents online or offline according to their comfort. We also provide a pick and drop facility if in case any client demands.  Online or offline submissions of documents.
  • Confidentiality and Authenticity- Documents contain sensitive and personal information. PEC document translation service company, assures to maintain the privacy of the document. The document is with us and only with us.
  • All-inclusive- Our team of language experts is efficient in providing document translation services for all types of documents. May it be commercial, legal, educational, or personal.