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A whole and sole purpose of copywriting in advertising and marketing. By writing a copy or a sales copy, a manufacturer or service provider tries to create brand awareness. The copywriter writes the copy in a way that he/she tries to persuade the person to take the action, to buy the service or the product. So basically, copywriting is a process of writing persuasive content at the same time promoting brand awareness.

The copywriting can be done for various platforms such as print, image, outdoor advertising, or digital marketing platforms.

The copywriting is also done for spoken words, such as a script for advertising videos and commercials. Every text that is written for persuading the customer is known as a copy. Copywriting is almost everywhere. Even when you open your mailbox and click on the emails, the text is also called a copy.  Other than the commercial copy, various copywriting agencies also provide services for public interest advertisements. Such as government schemes or social messages e.g. recent covid precautions broadcasted by the government.


A copy is the backbone of any advertisement. It represents the brand in front of the target audience. In a way, the words in the copy communicate with the viewer or the reader informing about your brand. May it be a video, a text on print or an image with some text, the content in the copy plays an important role.  

It is very necessary to hire a professional copywriter as he/she can perfectly capture the points of marketing and how to creatively use them for perfect advertisement.   Following are some major benefits of using copywriting services.


Copywriting is not just about jotting down the words to show people about your business. Good copywriting adds to the value of your business and creates a longer impact on the target audience. Perfect copywriting slowly drives target customers into confirmed customers. All this can be achieved through creative copywriting.  


  1. Effective Copy Builds Brands- A brand image is how a company wants to portray its company/services/product to its audience. Brand building is a very important part of marketing. It affects how customers perceive the brand and their buying habits. The copywriter tries to understand how you want customers to pursue your brands and they know how to form a copy with minimum words but in an effective manner.
  2. Stands Out From the Competitors- A unique copywriting of an advertising campaign makes your brand stand out from other competitors. When it is presented in the created manner it shows how your brand is different from others. The consumer decided to buy the product based on how you promote your service or the product. The more creative words and ideas are used, the higher are the chances of customers being brand loyal to you.
  3. Helps in SEO- Your website works as a digital salesperson for your customer. The website is the face of your company. The user will stay on your website only if they find something unique on your website. Also, a unique copy on your website banners can get you ranking on the search engines such as Google. A copywriting converts your website visitors into paying customers. It is a copywriter’s job to use the words strategically by putting in the keywords that are ranking the search engine.
  4. A Persuasive Copy- A persuasive copy converts your reader into the buyer. A creative copy using some persuasive words can trigger the emotions of the probable customers. The copywriter can add some attractive call-to-action to persuade the reader to take the action. When all of below is included you will drive results and get better ROI.He/she can do it by-
    • Using powerful headlines and taglines
    • A copy that will drive the benefits for the company. 
    • Giving offers that a consumer cannot ignore. 
    • Giving proofs such as testimonials. 
    • An attractive CTA (Call-To-Action)
  1. Forms A Bond With the Customer- The consumer is looking for a solution to their problems. They try and search for more and more options until they get the one that satisfies them. This when copywriting can play its magic. A perfectly crafted copy using various methods can connect with the target audience. Which should assure them that your brand or the product is best suitable for them and will surely solve their problem. The copy connects with the audience assuring them that your product/service will fulfill their hopes, dreams and solve the problems. This is how copywriting connects with the target audience on an emotional level.


Though copywriting and content writing are overlapping, both serve different purposes. 


  • The Purpose- The clear purpose of copywriting is to sell the product or the service. On the other hand, content writing is about informing about the product through a blog or article while giving valuable information. A copywriting is telling people about the ideas, product, or brand through using creative words in an advertisement. The copy intends to persuade the reader to buy the product or the service. On the other hand, content writing is creating content by thorough research. The content intends to educate, inform, entertain, and covertly advertise the product. Every content has a clear purpose or a reason behind it. It needs to be a logical read and must contain information. The focus is on the editorial aspect of the content. When it is written through the brand or a company it aligns with the marketing strategy of the business and indirectly attracts potential consumers.
  • Different Job Descriptions- The other major differentiating factor is the job descriptions of both, copywriter and content writer. A copywriter is a professional in producing creative copy. Opposite of it, a content writer can be anyone who writes content in any form. It is not necessary to be a professional writer, anyone who can produce informative or educational content can do the content writing. Many entrepreneurs, authors, bloggers, software developers, brand owners write as a passion and to promote their services and products indirectly. Of course, the quality produced by the professional content writer is much better than the others. They know how to craft the content better.

What includes copywriting- 

  1. Advertising taglines
  2. Webpage content
  3. SEO Content
  4. Marketing Email Content
  5. Video Commercial Scripts 
  6. Brochures
  7. Catalog
  8. Sales Letters
  9. Jingles
  10. Social Media Promotional Content
  11. Billboards

What needs content Writing-

  1. Blogs
  2. Articles
  3. Magazines
  4. White papers
  5. Newsletters
  6. Print Content
  7. Newspaper articles

To conclude the difference, copywriting is short and creative writing. Content writing is more theoretical and research-based.


  • We Take the Brief(Online/Offline)
  • We Do the Copywriting
  • We Submit the Foolproof Copy(Online/Offline)

Though it looks simpler, copywriting is a creative task and needs brainstorming to reach the super level of the creative copy. The steps involve-

    1. Collect the Resources- This is the basic stage. A copywriter takes all the necessary briefs from the client. Understand the product, a service, a target audience, a language for the copy, and other specific details that the clients want to share.  
    2. Compiling Bullet Points- While taking the brief a copywriter must take the bullet points on which he/she is supposed to work on. It helps the copywriter build a skeleton of the copy. He/she understands which points should be focused on. Once the pointers are understood it is easy to start working on the first draft.  
    3. Drafting First Copy- Preparing a first copy is a vital stage as you get clarity on the work. It motivates the writer to move ahead with the project. They know where to work on more after writing the first copy. 
    4. Final Draft- A final draft consists, headings, subheadings, copy, and the concluding notes. When you reach this stage, your copywriting project is almost complete. 
    5. Proofreading- The last stage is to proofread the copy. Check it for grammar, sentence formations, spellings, and punctuation. One can share it with a third party to read it and crosscheck.


Copywriting helps your brand connect with the audience. It is more than just advertising and promotion. It should be engaging and the readers should actually feel your service or the product through the words. Copy has a strong power of retention for the consumer. 

Every content that is directly marketing the product/service is considered as copy. Following are the things that should be considered while writing a copy-

  1. Research– A copywriter should research a lot. It should include market research, the competitors research, the feasibility of the product or the services and the advertisement content of the various other related companies. Only a thorough research can help the copywriter create something unique. 
  2. Style– Decide on the style. Depending on the topic, the product or the service, the copywriter decides on which genre to choose for. He/she knows the best in that field and will be able to understand which style to choose. He can select from Humor, serious, social messages etc. 
  3. Audience- Copywriting is for the target audience. It lets the consumer understand your products. The copywriter also researches the audience, their buying habits and their economic class too.It helps them build the suitable copy for them which connects them with the brand.
  4. Headlines/taglines- When a copywriter writes for the digital platforms, its unique content helps the brand rank higher on the search engines. Hence, a copywriter considered adding unique keywords that will improve the visibility on the web i.e. high SEO ranking.


Copywriting is not about the speed it is about the quality. Also, it is about the length of the copy that is needed. Of course, when a copywriter has to write for a website, he has to consider the number of webpages and the word count. Similarly when he/she has to consider the copy type. Is it humor, is it just commercial or needs some social touch. Other than just jotting down the copy, a copywriter has to invest a lot of time in brainstorming.


The research, client meetings, first draft, final draft and proofreading everything takes time. So, there is no fix and final answer to this question. The time required for the copywriting varies from project to project. A small project such as leaflet copy may take shorter time than writing a copy for 10 website pages. A creative work such as copywriting, cannot be done in a time frame of work. A human cannot think creatively when under pressure.


So other than just the type of the project, the time required to complete the project also depends on how experienced the copywriter is. The professional writer knows all the niches and loopholes. He/she knows which style of writing is best suited for which industry type. So even if the copywriting task is long enough for 10 web pages, the experienced writer may take the shorter time than the fresher. 


  • Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Business Writing Services
  • Creative & Storytelling Copywriting
  • EMail Copywriting
  • eBook Writing Services
  • Ecommerce Copywriting
  • Google & Facebook Paid Ads
  • Product descriptions
  • Proposals
  • Response to RFPs
  • SEO Copywriting Services
  • Social Media Copywriting
  • Speech Writing
  • Technical Copywriting
  • Video and Audio Scripts
  • Voice search
  • Websites Content
  • White Paper Writing Services
  • Landing Pages
  • Magazine/Trade Journal Ads
  • Marketing Materials
  • Media Kits and Press Releases
  • Multimedia Presentations
  • Newsletter Writing Services
  • Postcards and Mailers
  • Product and Service Promotion
  • Product Data Sheets


Acquiring the status of one of the best media translation agencies, PEC translation services is also an ISO-certified translation services company. May it be a text document, a video, a podcast, or multimedia content, PEC has a group of experts working with us providing high-quality services.  


  • The Network of Expert Copywriters- Copywriting services required detailing and expertise to serve the quality of content. Our large network of professional copywriters makes us stand out from the crowd. 
  • Copywriting Services for Your Every Need- Companies wish to capture the target market in the shortest period of time. We understand that every company aims for different purposes when they demand for copywriting. We promise to understand the needs and serve with utmost accuracy. We provide copywriting services for all types of business such as small, medium and large too.  
  • On Time Delivery- Though copywriting may take time, we promise to get back to you at the earliest. PEC translations are known for delivering the project on time. Our professional copywriters understand that you value time and we believe that time is money. We will help you in saving time.


Copywriting is one of the main services that PEC provides. Copywriting is a creative process and it needs detailing and brainstorming.With our copywriting services we promise to provide unique copies that will persuade the reader to be a buyer.

Copywriting is treated with the utmost seriousness and professional care at PEC translations.


A professional copywriting service can give you the desired results. When you reach out to the professional copywriter they will research your target audience and will give you the copy that suits your target market the best. They have gained expertise in copywriting by providing the service for years.

Yes, we work with all types of industries. We have experience in providing services for small, medium, and large scale industries.

We provide copywriting services for all B2B and B2C services. Our expert copywriters understand the needs of every business and every customer. Considering the requirements of the clients, PEC believes in adhering to the information provided by the clients and providing the best copy which will serve the purpose.

Blog writing falls under content writing and not under copywriting. However, our copywriters also are expert content writers who can write creative blogs that will boost your business visibility. The great blogs can help your businesses in the following ways- 

  1. By growing traffic on your website through blogs. 
  2. Keeps customers engaged.
  3. Makes you stand out of the crowd. 
  4. Attracts new customers
  5. High ranking on the SEO

Communication is the key when you wish to build your business. Communicating your business most effectively can create a positive impact on your target audience. Copywriting services at PEC are known for providing quality content that will give you better roIe. 

PEC translation services are known for prompt customer service. We start working on your project as soon as we receive all the details from the clients. We believe in providing on-time deliveries with high quality of the copy.

In most cases, the paying party owns the copy that the copywriter creates. However, if the company makes a contract with partial ownership of the content, the payer has to give it too.

Copywriting is creative work. The charges of the copywriting depend on the length of the copy. The charges are based on the per word count. It varies from agency to agency. Sometimes it also depends on the language. If copywriting is required in international languages. The charges can be high.