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Certified Translation Services

A certified translated document is defined as the conversion of the documents that are assisted by a stamp or a signature and sometimes both at a time.  The document will be considered certified when it is accompanied by the statement of translation issued by the certified translator.

the statement of translation issued by the certified translator. These translators are hired by lawyers or by certified translation agencies. When it comes to legal document translation, only certified translators can give authorization.

Who Is a Certified Translator?

A person who has pursued education in translation and holds an authentic degree. This degree allows that person to practice the translation on a professional or commercial level. A certified translator is allowed to take the legal assignments as he/she has reached the level of expertise and holds experience in translation. 

What Is Certified Translation?

A translated document is called certified translation when the translator has supported the converted document with his own statement of certification. A certified translator is allowed to give this as he/she holds the authority. It is mostly demanded by the lawyers who need this authorization on legal documents. Many online translation services have a group of translators working for the legalization of the translated documents.


With the authorization of the document, a translator assures that the new document is accurate and complete.  It is required for legal purposes. The list is as follows-


  1. Court hearing
  2. Trials
  3. Evidence
  4. Trial Transcript

And many more


Whenever the document needs to be submitted to the court, the certification is mandatory. Secondly, authorization is also required for immigration purposes. Whether the candidate is applying for a visitor’s permit or a permanent residence visa, many foreign countries demand documents in their official languages. For example in the US immigration process, all the documents should be in English except the passport. And if they are not, the translation with certification is required. They also demand the identical visual appearance of the translated documents. The list of documents includes-


  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Degree Transcript 
  3. Scholarship Certificate
  4. Bonafide Certificate
  5. Domicile Certificate
  6. Recommendation Letter

And many others. 


These documents need to be submitted to the consulate which needs authorization from the certified translation. It is better to hire a certified translation service agency to receive your document on time and accurately. 


One of the main reasons why visas are rejected is inappropriate documents. Sometimes, you may provide the translated document but if it is not certified, there are chances that your visa application may get rejected. That is the importance of certified translation. 


    1. A Certified Translation Is Rarely Rejected- If you have the best-certified translators, you do not have to worry that your document may get rejected. They are thorough with the type and tone of translation required for the process. They master the technique and are best known to do it within the framework. 
    2. Certified Translations Are Accurate-  A certificate of translation holds the standard of accuracy. May it be a legal document or a personal document for visa purposes, the accuracy is highly maintained when the document is rendered from the certified translator. Some languages require more precise translation, which only an expert can provide. They know all the glitches and loopholes where they use their expertise. 
  • Affordable Prices- Money is everything. You can experience quality assured services within your budget limit. The translator will only take the amount depending on the type of work. There will not be any extra or hidden charges.
  • High Confidentiality Maintained- A certified translator assures the confidentiality of the documents that you hand over to them. They understand that it holds your personal and sensitive information. So make sure to ask the translation agency about their privacy policy. 
  • Business Benefits-  Many businesses demand the certified translations only. When the company is emphasizing the quality of the translation, they only demand certified translators to do their job.  The translated document in the face of their company to their foreign client. Any mistake in it can be a barrier to their reputation. Whereas, if the translated document is certified, it assures that the company believes in providing quality at any work that they do. 


You can hire the best-certified translators from the agencies to get the hassle-free processing of the document translation. 

Top Industries Require Business Translation Services

Certified business translation agencies provide their services for almost all industries. However, the following is high demand list-


Get your certified translated document in just three steps-


  1. Give Us Your Document (Online/Offline)
  2. We Translate and Certify It.
  3. We’ll Give You Back the Translated Document. (Online/Offline)

Make sure you know the detailed procedure that is being followed by the certified translation company that you are about to hire. Here are some points to look for when you will enquire about the process- 



The clients are very specific about choosing the translation agencies. For example, when a client wants to translate legal documents, they would reach the agencies that would have a group of certified legal translators. Because they will be handing over the sensitive legal information. They wish to look for the accuracy, confidentiality, and safe handling of the documents.

Following are some points to look for before hiring a certified translation company- 

  1. ISO certification of the agency– When the company holds the ISO certification, it is known to follow all the procedures to achieve the best quality. 
  2. Certified translators only- Of course, when you need the certified translations, you should approach an agency that would have a group of certified translators. Only these translators are authorized to give you a statement of certification assuring the quality and the completeness of the translated documents. 
  3. On-time delivery-  A company should assure the on-time delivery of the work. Certified translations are mostly for legal and visa-related documents. The entire further process depends on the certification of the translation. Look for a certified legal translator who can give you the deliveries within or before time. 
  4. Customer service- A good customer service is when the representative is constantly updating the client about their project. The agencies should report the client about any issues and take their consideration before making any important changes. A company should adhere to the best customer service policy.  
  5. Linguistic experts- The company should have a group of linguistic experts. In case a client wants to translate the document into more than one language, the company should offer it too.  The client will be happy to have all the solutions at one door. But if the company serves in one language and not in another, the client may not consider that company even for the first language. 

Make sure you choose the best-certified translation company for the best quality of work. 


A document is called certified when it is translated by professional translators. These translators hold the authority to sign and assure the document with accuracy and authenticity. It confirms the quality and the completion of the translated documents. That is why it is best to hire certified translators for business document translations. 

On the other hand, notarized translations are required for documents such as educational documents, like degree transcripts. Notarized translation is less about quality assurance but more about following the legal processes. The document needs to have a notary seal which requires an additional attestation service after the translation is complete.


Various factors determine the time required for the certified translation to complete. The following mentioned components determine the duration- 

  • Length of the Document- A higher number of pages requires a longer duration. The length of the document is the most determining factor. A translator decides the tentative delivery date looking at the length of the document. 
  • The Expertise Required- Sometimes the content requires help from outside experts to get the translation right. This will add to the time invested.   
  • The Complexity of the Data- There are various types of documents that require certified translation. Sometimes, the technical documents may require a longer time. 
  • Different Certification Pattern- Generally the professional certified translators have a letter format ready. But there can be the possibility that clients may require this certification in different formats. This will require some extra amount of time further delaying the delivery. 


There is no fixed cost for the certified translation. The cost depends on the length of the document and the type of language, local or international. If the document requires to be translated into an international language, it may cost a little high.


  • ISO Certification- PEC is an ISO-certified company. We have multilingual certified translators who have prevailed excellence in both any given source and target language. All the translators are authorized to state certification to prove the accuracy and completion of the document.
  • On-time Deliveries- We provide certified translations on time and with accuracy. Linguistic experts from our certified translation agency, believe that your time is valuable. And that you have approached us to get the accurate content in the least required time.
  • Adherence to Privacy Policy- We have a strong privacy policy stating that we maintain the confidentiality of the document. We know that your documents carry your personal or sensitive information.
  • No Tools Used, Only Human Translation- Our translators do not use any tools for the translation process. Because we believe that only humans can understand the context, unlike machines. AIs or machines provide word-to-word translation and it does not understand the subject of the document. So if machines are used, there are high chances of wrong translations.


Yes, when the document is certified by the translator, there are very less chances that it’ll get rejected.

There is no fixed cost for the certified translation. The cost depends on the length of the document and the type of language, local or international. If the document requires to be translated into an international language, it may cost a little high.

Professional certified translations generally have their format ready with them. The format includes content like follows- 


I (Name of the translator), is fluent in translating (Source language) into (target language.) And the provided translation is achieved to the best of my knowledge. 


A signature, stamp, and name of the translator.

No, there are no legal experts in the certified translation. When the translation requires a public notary, it’ll be a notarized translation and not the certified translation.

A professional certified translator has set their strict privacy policy. When the document is given to the agency, it is adhered to follow all the confidentiality and secrecy. 

These two terms are often confused. 

Certified translations are those when a statement of translation needs to be provided by the translator affirming that the translated document is to the utmost accuracy of the translator’s knowledge. Many legal documents require certified translations supported by the statement of certification from the translator. 

And certified translators are those who have pursued the course in translation and carry an authentic certification issued by the certified institute.