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What Is Subtitling?

Subtitles are the text that appears at the bottom of the screen while the video is played. It is the transcript of the dialogues in the source language or the regional language. The demand for subtitling is high from the companies owning digital streaming platforms. These platforms have reached their content to the micro-level. It was made possible only because of the subtitling. 

What Are Subtitling Translation?

Let us start with an example. You are watching a foreign film and there is a text that is appearing at the bottom of the screen. When this text is translated from one source language to another, it is called subtitling translations.


To target the local citizens, these subtitles are translated into the various native languages. The client looks for the best translation and subtitling services to get accurate subtitles and subtitling translation services


Though it is very much convenient for us to watch the videos in our mother tongue. There are multiple challenges that the Subtitling translator has to face. 

Limitations/challenges for Subtitling

Maintaining the Timeline- One of the biggest challenges that subtitle translators face is to manage the timeline in adherence to the video that is active on the screen. Sometimes not all the dialogues can be exactly converted. Some words need to be rendered by using linguistic expertise. The subtitles in the source language and the target language should fit the video timeline. It should go with the flow. There is a difference in milliseconds. Any mistake in the timeline can ruin the whole motive of the subtitling. 


Adhering to the Context- While maintaining the timeline the subtitle translator should also have to maintain the main context of the dialogues. Any change or misinterpretation of the word or the phrase can change the entire meaning of the dialogue or probably the entire video. So while rendering the content from source to the target language, the subtitle translator has to be very precise while translating the transcript of the dialogues. There is no scope of altering the content even by an inch. 


The Readability- Another task is to keep the sentences as small as possible. Remember that the text is appearing on the screen while the video is being played. The viewer of the video should be able to read the dialogues before the scene or the shot changes to the next one. Also, the text that appears on the screen should be in proper formatting.


The subtitle translator also sometimes considers the color, which mostly is white, the size, and the type of the font. This is why translation in small sentences is necessary. It will also not cover much space on the screen and it will be easier for the viewer to grasp the content. 


One subtitle appearance range on the screen varies between one second to 6 or 7 seconds. Also, the translator has to consider the reading speed parameter. It is directly related to the duration of the subtitles and the length of the characters used. The subtitle translator has to consider all these readability aspects while migrating the content.


  1. Technical Aspects- Sometimes some text files do not support the format of the video. The issue arises when the post-production team is working on inserting the texts in the video. That is why the subtitle translator has to be knowledgeable about the various technical aspects too. They should know in which form they have to deliver the translations. They have to have a one on one discussion continuously with the team of the client to understand the probable technical difficulties and find out the solution over it.
  2. Chasing the Language Barriers- Last but not least, the content has to be perfect on a linguistic basis. It is multi challenging to keep a balance between the languages, the technical aspect, and the timeline. The skill of the subtitle translators lies when he/she can be perfect on all three aspects and submit the project on time. 

The result is when the subtitles are in sync with the audio and the video. Also, it should sound fluent, natural, and accurate on a linguistic basis. The subtitling and the subtitling translations are benefiting many industries in enormous ways- 

Industry Wise Benefits of Subtitling Translation

Medical and Healthcare

This industry is demanding subtitling and translations like never before. We are facing the worst pandemic ever. For instance, the media has been broadcasting various videos informing the audiences about the virus, the treatment, the news reports, and the development. Sometimes it is not possible to convert the entire video by providing the video translations. The client prefers taking the option of subtitling the video or translating the subtitles that are already there. The main aim is to spread the information as fast as possible. Subtitling takes less time than the complete translation of the video which requires dubbing and voice over too. The medical industry cannot afford to invest so much time in it. The subtitling is the best choice for them to spread the information quickly. 


Subtitling for Travel and Tourism

The hospitality industry has been coming up with creative ways to showcase the beauty of the destinations. Though it is not broadcasted mainly on the mainstream media, you’ll see a lot of travel and tourism advertisement videos on social media platforms. The main motive is to target the exact audience by doing it. The industry has other related businesses too, the list may include the following things,


  1. Accommodation.
  2. Food and Beverages.
  3. Luggage & Baggage.
  4. Insurances.
  5. Visa Consultants. 

The scope of travel and tourism is not restricted to ticketing, sightseeing, and leisure. It has a widened range. For the advertisement of all this, video subtitling and translations are required. Anyone owning businesses related to the tourism industry is dealing with customers from multiple backgrounds. To be approachable to them, subtitling and subtitle translations are necessary. 


Education Field 

We know that e-learning is at its peak today due to pandemics. The schools are closed and new educational materials are coming up every day which will help the students to continue their studies at ease. Not every material is in text format. Students are preferring to watch the videos and understand the concepts.


Simply because it’s the new learning way. When it is for the students it has to be at a certain place and with proper formatting that the target group of students should understand. Some videos have poor audio quality, to compensate for the subtitles given. The learning becomes easier when the lessons are audiovisual as well as in the text formats in the form of subtitles. 


The video subtitles and translations play a crucial role when the student is trying to learn foreign languages. When the subtitles are displayed in the videos the learner can get the spelling for it, the grammatical use of it, and the pronunciation at the same time. 


The Film, Media, and News

There is not much explanation needed on how this industry benefits from subtitling. We have been watching films, videos, and news with subtitles for ages. We have also seen the subtitles in our native languages which have helped us understand the context of the videos.


In addition to this industry, there is a new industry that has more demand for subtitling services, which is digital streaming platforms. There are numerous international series that we can view on multiple applications. This is possible simply because of the translations and subtitles.


The owner of the media house researches the target audience and decides on the language accordingly. But subtitles are given for most of the online video content. Whether to translate it or not is the decision of the owner of the content. 


Engineering and Technical Industry

Everything technical that we are using today is bringing the world closer. The subtitles and the translations improve the accessibility and the usability of the information through the various devices. However, to make this product or the service to be useful for customers from all parts of the globe the conversion of the data is necessary.


When it is about audio-visual communications, subtitles are considered the best way to explain the usability of your product and the service.  


Let me explain it with an example- 


You are into the software engineer who has come up with an app. To educate the user about how to operate it you have created a video of it with some narration in it. How will you target it? It is easier for those who understand the language of the video.


To target the audience in other localities, you can choose for the time saving as well as the cheaper option of subtitles translation. Give the subtitles in the language of the target region. It shows that you are keen to sell your product and you are approachable across the borders. 


Summary- The subtitling has enhanced the viewer’s experience to the next level. The subtitling translations have added to it even more. The audience is exposed to international content like never before. Other than the subtitles and the subtitles translations, voiceover and dubbing is also helping the various industries to reach out to the audiences on multiple levels. 


PEC translation holds an ISO certification in providing translations, subtitling, voice-over, dubbing, and other related services at the best prices.

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