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Why Is Translation Important in Today’s World?

English, a language that has brought the world closer. A language that is dominating the world. In this world where English is everywhere, why do we need translations? Do we need to translate the content in and From English to connect with the people?


The answer is YES!


We do need translations, in fact on a larger scale like never before. 


At least 330 million people speak English as their native language, making it the third most widely spoken language around the globe. Other than this, half of the world uses English as their second language. Now when most of the world knows and understands English, why do we still translate? 


Let us see the reasons- 

Most of the World Speaks English, Not All of the World

We cannot overlook the crowd that does not speak English. Even in England, there is an ample amount of people who do not speak English. To make them understand what you wish to say, it is important to have that content translation from English to the target language.


It helps the people speaking minority languages understand the context. Hence, the rule that English is everywhere and necessary has changed. 


So just because one person understands English does not mean that he/she can speak it to communicate in various situations. For instance, as per the survey from the European Commission, 2012, It was found that only a quarter of the European region understands English in a way that they can understand the news broadcast.


Understanding basic communications is one thing and having expertise that will help you understand the happenings around is another thing. 

Native Language Is Always Preferred Over English

True, English is a widely spoken language. But most of them have English as their second language. It is proven that people respond and retain information better when they receive it in their first language.


If you want to speak to the audience, speak in the language that they understand, If you want to connect with them, speak in a language that they speak. It directly connects with their hearts. 


According to the studies from Common Sense Advisory, it is found that about 75% of customers prefer to shop for a product that is in their native language. Now, what does India speak? 


The Study from the Indian Market Research Company, states that about three-quarters of the Indian buyers buy a  product that is in their first language. 

Opens Gate to the New Markets

True that English ranks highest amongst all the other languages, but that does not mean that it will stay like that forever. The scenario is changing. People are preferring their native language over English. Especially in developing countries.


They start growing importance in the world economy. Maximum numbers of residents from these countries have access to the internet. Not just that, the number of international travelers from these countries is increasing rapidly. 


Earlier, most of the web content was only in English. That is not the case today.  We see many websites that can be converted into global languages, such as French, German, Chinese, or Hindi too.


Take an example of a Google search. We have seen the evolution of it. Earlier you could only search in English. Now you can search in so many other languages too.


The users who have the English language as their second language, generally prefer to buy, read and surf the internet in their first language. So the more languages you translate your content into you penetrate into multiple markets automatically. 

Global Translation Spread Information and Ideas

One of the most important benefits of translating English content is that it spreads enormous information and ideas across the globe. Humans got the chance to explore multiple cultures and religions. 


Take an example of the holy bible. It has been translated into around 531 languages. The second example can be of Arabic translations which kept alive the ideas of the ancient Greek Philosophers. The translations have also helped in the sports field too. It has helped teams and international sports organizations to overcome language boundaries and gain players from all over the globe. 


We all are now aware of the digital streaming platforms. It is not restricted to English. A huge amount of content is available in multiple local, national, and global languages. So it is not just about the English anymore. It is about the world and the languages that the world prefers. 


You as a business have to be very perfect while obtaining a translation service. Make sure to choose the translation agency.

The Global Translation Build Global Economy

Since the world is changing its preferences, businesses prefer presenting their content in multiple Global Languages other than just English. Though English has been nominated as the language of the glocal business, the professional translation services, and interpretations are changing the scenarios. 


Multiple industries and companies have technical terms that are used. The Global translation makes it possible for the reader to understand it all. When these technical terms are translated in the native languages of the perceiver, it is better understood.


The company’s reputation is also elevated when you show that you care about the customers. This is how you expand your business and, this is how the economy is built through the translations. Yes, the English language is accepted all over, but the native language of the customer will help you connect with them. 


Summing Up 


English has been ruling the world for years and decades. It has become the most convenient way of communication. Many industries run only because of the English language. We cannot neglect that English is still a prominent and better way to exchange information.


However, there is a crowd, where English is a second priority and it is huge in numbers. The leading businesses cannot ignore it. To get a hold of the new international markets, English-speaking businesses should consider translations.

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