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Importance of Social Media Campaigns Translation

Most of the social media applications and websites were started in regions that have English as their first language. However, it is not restricted to that anymore. The reach of the social media platform is huge and to connect with all, it is necessary to consider providing the social media promotional content in regional and international languages. It helps companies positively broaden their audience. 


The translation of social media can convert the target customer into a definite buyer. Because the target customer is clear about the product or the services that you provide. They are understanding it as you are giving them information in their native language.


If companies fail to address this, it can leave the large number of probable customers who are prominently on the internet, unattended. Also, there will be a negative impact on the customer’s review that you are not able to connect with them in their language. They will understand only half of what you are offering. It is of utmost importance to translate the social media campaigns.

Tips to Get the Best Out of Translated Social Media Campaigns

1. Plan and Research About the Target Market- It is a basic requirement to plan and implement any promotional strategy. Social media strategies have to be in accordance with the market. But how do you know which market to target? What are their requirements and buying habits? Thorough market research can help in this. Some companies invest more money in social media campaigns but do not spend enough time on doing proper research as they do it for other platforms. This can cause a huge financial loss. More than that you will end up wasting your time and resources which will not give you the fixed ROIs. It will be a wise decision to have a proper brainstorming session with the creative team and plan the strategy. 


2. Choose Language Wisely- Now, that you have shortlisted a few points, you should finalize the language that you wish to translate the social media campaigns in. There is a possibility that the region that you have chosen to target uses multiple spoken languages other than English. So you have to be very specific in choosing the language. Yet again you can take an expert’s advice. Understand the buying habits, the populations, demographics, and study what the competitors have chosen to do.   


3. Hashtags Matters- Yes, Hashtags play a crucial role in social media marketing. They are as important as translations. Consider developing a hashtag strategy way in advance as it will be easier for you to decide which hashtags should be translated to hit the market. Also, you will have to plan on how to insert these hashtags in the translated posts. Once you have found the hashtags, do not just directly translate them. Understand the requirement of the target audience. Make sure you research their habits and behavior. Study what the competitors have used or covered.


4. Do Not Use Machine Translators- Machines do not understand the context of the content. They will only perform the word-to-word translations without considering the purpose of the translations. Agreed that machines, applications, tools, and translation websites can save on your time and money, but you will not get the desired results out of it. Human translators understand the variety of social media platforms. The kind of language that is used for various applications. The translator will consider following things while rendering the content from one language to another. 


  1. The Source and the Target Language
  2. The Target Audience
  3. Social Media Platform
  4. Demography of the Users
  5. Competitor’s Strategy

When you consider doing it from the machines, you will miss out on these points. Whereas human translators will be able to provide the quality of the translations as they will consider all the above-mentioned points.


5. Ties Up With Native Translators- As you cannot get the translations from the machines you will have to get the translations done from the certified translators. To achieve the quality of the translations make sure to have tie-ups with the native translators. Remember, you will be handing over the most important part of your marketing campaign to the translation agencies. You can look for the following qualities while hiring the translation agency to translate your social media campaigns.


  • ISO-Certification- Only hire ISO Certified Translation Agency. They follow a standard translation process to achieve the high quality of the translation. 
  • Range of Language Experts- The agency should have linguists in multiple languages. For instance, you wish to translate your social media campaign into more than two languages, the agency should be able to provide you the same. It will save on your time of reaching out to two different agencies for different languages.
  • Faster Turnaround Time- The earlier you promote on social media, the faster you will get the results. Tie up with an agency that promises to return with the translations within a period.
  • Budget-Friendly- True that you have allotted a budget for social media marketing of your company, but look for a company that will in return save on your budget. 
  • Social Media Experts- This is not a requirement, but it is better if your translation agency can also provide you with guidance with the social media translation strategies. Such as they can guide you on which platform to choose for which language.

Make sure you get all these qualities under one umbrella.


6. Be Very Specific- Though English is the leading language, it is necessary to think about other genres. You should be sure of what you want to translate and what is not needed. The agency that you have tied up for the translation can help shortlist it. Do not translate and waste your money and time on what is not necessary.   


7. Use Transcreation if Necessary- Understand the difference between translation and transcreation. Consult your translation agency to know which method will work best for your company. The translation is a plain word-to-word translation from the source language to the target language. Transcreation is one step ahead of it. This method involves translating the content while adding creativity to it. Industries such as food and beverages, prefer using transcreation instead of translations.  


8. Consider the Challenges- It is not new that social media is being used for promoting companies. But the translation comes with a bundle of challenges too. Consider these challenges while choosing the social media translation,


  1. Terminologies- Terms such as LIKE, FOLLOW or TWEET, may not be translated. Or if in case one translates it, the semantic meaning can be different. Hence translating the jargon of social media is challenging and crucial too. The jargon may not make any sense in different languages. The translation agencies can give the best solutions for this. 
  2. Hashtags- Now that you have already decided to translate the hashtags, remember that it is a big challenge to translate them accurately. Similar to jargon, the hashtags also may not mean anything when translated. These hashtags need to be translated from word to word. You can choose other hashtags that are popular and relevant to your promotional content. In this case, too, the translation agency can be a helping hand. 
  3. Character Length- Social platforms such as Twitter, have a limit of words and characters. You have to maintain it, no matter in which language you write or post. It is one of the biggest challenges that translators face. They have to fit these translated content into the word and the character limit. Translators are familiar with this too as they are experienced in social media content translations. 

Summing Up- It is a crucial task to translate social media campaigns, but we know the profits never come easy. The best solution is to take the help of certified language translators. PEC translation services provide a variety of translations suitable for all your requirements.

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