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Why a Confidentiality Agreement Necessary for Translation Services?

There is a pool of professional translation agencies, How do you select the best one? Maintaining high confidentiality and having a non-disclosure agreement with the client is one of the most important things to consider. 


Many international clients demand a high level of secrecy for their businesses and related documents. They have planned timelines for things such as publishing dates, distributions, or other corporate communications.


It does not matter if it is medical, legal, or technical documentation, the confidentiality should be maintained with utmost sincerity. 

Why Confidentiality Matters for Document Translation?

When the clients are handing over the project to the translation agency, they expect a high level of confidentiality of the documents. 


The material that you give to the translation agency contains sensitive information. Personal documents such as a birth certificate, marriage, or divorce certificate have all the personal information. Leaking of any information may result in identity theft and can cause severe loss to the individual. 


Secondly, the commercial documents contain information related to the businesses. There are financial reports, there can be business and corporate deeds, all such documents need safeguarding as any information leaked can be great damage to the company.  It is important that the translation agency keeps your private information close at hand.   

What Does PEC Do to Safeguard Your Data?

PEC has a strict confidentiality policy. It doesn’t matter if you submit the hard copy or the soft copy, we make sure that your data is safe. We have an ISO certification which means that we follow all the necessary steps to ensure confidentiality and the quality of the translation.


Our highly qualified staff monitors the network and keeps a close eye on firewall protection. They are alarmed with the slightest hint of the information breaching.


  • Cookies and Catches- Some pages of the website of PEC translation services, use cookies, and other tracking systems. It enables some recalling of personal information and the tracking of site activities. Many browsers have the settings installed which allows the user to control cookies. The user can allow or disallow the cookies, and can also remove them. The personal information fetched by the cookies is discarded as soon as the browser is closed.
  • Backlinking- Some of our pages are back-linked to other websites for a better understanding and the references of the users. We do not take any responsibility for the privacy actions or the content of those sites.
  • Non Disclosure of the Information- The Company shall not trade, rent or sell personal information of You. The Company does disclose or otherwise transfer personal information of You, except as otherwise set out herein. Personal information will be used only for the purposes of providing services and performing its various obligations.
  • No Third-Party Involvement- We assure you that there is no third-party involvement in this. PEC translation services promise not to share any personal information of yours that you have filled on our website form. Things such as contact information, name, or email address will be kept highly confidential. Also, PEC translation services affirm that the data or the document that you have shared for translation purposes will be used for that only. It will not be mishandled or leaked to a third party. 
  • Non Disclosure Agreement- We at PEC translations believe that your content, data, and information is very sensitive. Any mishandling of the same may cause many issues. We assure confidentiality, but also, if you want to be assured further, we can also give the non-disclosure agreement. Both the parties, the service provider and the service taker have to sign the agreement. 


Now that you know how important it is for PEC translations to safeguard your information. We give all the assurity from our end that your documents are in safe hands.

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