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What is Language Translation?

The basic meaning of the translations is rendering the data from source to target language. However, the language translation is converting the content on a micro-level. 


It is a very specific process. When the translator is performing language translations he/she is particularly translating a word or the phase. These translators are linguists and have mastery over both the source and the target language. 


They make sure to adhere to the cultural and language disciplines so that the content directly hits the target market. To achieve the accuracy of the target language translations, the language translator has to have thorough knowledge about the vocabulary, grammar rules, phrases, words, and other related contexts.  


Accuracy is the most important aspect of language translations. Considering the fact that language translations are the most accurate way to communicate with the target audience, many industries are preferring to render their data in the language of the target audience.


Following industries demand language translations- 


List of Industries-


  • Publishing Industry
  • Media Industry 
  • All Types of Engineering 
  • Manufacturing Industry
  • Education and Academic Institutions 
  • Travel & Tourism Industry 
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical
  • Website Localization and Translations  
  • SEO Industry 
  • Legal Firms 
  • Transport & Logistics Enterprises 
  • Automobile(Automotive) Industry 
  • Media & Entertainment Industry
  • Financial Firms or Banks
  • E-Commerce Industry
  • Mobile & Video Games 
  • Mobile Apps Developer
  • Technology & Software 
  • Video Making Industry
  • Market Research

And So on. 


However, though translations are demanded from all the industries, the following 6 industries are making the most of the benefit from it. 

1. Medical Industry

Considering the current pandemic situations, language translations are playing a vital role in the medical industry. The history of pandemics has taught us that swift communication can speed up recovery.


It was during the pandemic of the Spanish Flu that we realized how important it was to share the new medical developments and stop the spread of the virus. Medical translations have helped in COVID 19 pandemic too.


The medical industry has benefitted from language translation services. In situations like a global pandemic, new terminologies are coming up every day. The symptoms are being experienced by the citizens of various countries. To share this information across borders, language translations are preferred.


Other than just the translations, the demand for Video Interpretation services is also on the higher side. This is used to understand the symptoms of the patients and to help him/her get the treatment faster. 


Generally also, when there was no pandemic situation, the medical industry has been receiving the benefits from the language translation on a larger scale. Such as translation related to the medical reports, patient history, researches, and many other related data from the medical industry. 

2. Travel and Tourism

The basic nature of the travel and the tourism industry is to give the best travel experience to the audience. The demand for language translations is very high in this industry too. For the promotion of the packages and offers, the travel industry prefers translating the content into multiple languages.


Especially regional and international. It connects with the target audience. The chances of a reader being converted into an assured customer are higher when the company translated the advertisements. The reader from multiple regions will know how you stand out from others.


Other than just the translations, the tourism industry also demands interpreters. In the global tourism places, where the flow of tourists is high, there are guides and sometimes they are also interpreters.


It helps the tourists understand the importance of the places and monuments. This way the travel and tourism industry ranks second in the most beneficial industry from the language translations. 

3. Entertainment, Media, and News

Another prominent industry that has benefitted from language translations enormously. Thanks to these translators that the international films, videos, and series have reached our fingertips. The language translations have made it possible for us to absorb the international media.


More than just entertainment, language translations have been benefitting the news industry too for years.  The watcher, reader, or receiver of the news now can access all the international news in his/her own language. May it be through regional media houses or through the translated content on the global channels.


The language translations have fastened the reach of the global news. Moreover, these translations are performed for various mediums, such as print medium-the traditional one, the television or the electronic medium, and the new media- which is a digital platform.


The major happenings around the world are circulated within a fraction of seconds. It is not just about how the medium of news works. It is also about the live, fast, and accurate translations. 


News interpretation is a traditional used way of spreading the news. It was used so that the audience with hearing impairment can understand the news. Also, Live interpretation is commonly used in news events such as debates or conferences.   

4. Ecommerce and Retail Industry

More than translations, transcreation is preferred by this industry. The retail industry translates the names, descriptions, and user manuals of the product and services to target the regional audience.


They do not just translate it but they give it a creative touch. Also, the buyers prefer buying goods and services in their native language. The translated descriptions mentioned on the website help buyers understand how to use the product.


The demand for translation in the e-commerce sector is on rising like never before. In the pandemic situation, people prefer buying online than actually going to the store. In such scenarios, the buyer wishes to understand the usability of the product or the services. 

5. Websites

The international online market is flourishing. To make a strong presence globally, the businesses need to reach out to the target customers and there is no better way than the internet. The language and cultural barriers can limit the reach.


This is when the website translations play a crucial role. All types of websites are converting their content into multiple global languages.


The type of websites include- 


  1. E-commerce Websites
  2. Educational Websites
  3. Gaming Website
  4. Public Sector Websites
  5. Blogs
  6. News Websites

And many more. 


The website language translations are a new way to reach out to the target market. The industry is benefitting from translations in various ways- 


Reach to the Specific Market- The translation of the website lets your business reach the target market accurately. Anyone who doesn’t understand the source language can simply change it to the language of their preference. Industries such as automation or the oil industry have a lot of technical terminologies. Website translations help in understanding these terms. 


Translations Increase Brand Credibility- The translated website builds the trust of your brand with the target audience. When the data is available in various languages it reduces the misunderstanding of the content. The probable consumers can easily understand and interpret the meaning of the information.  


Connects With the Customers on Cultural Backgrounds- When you have content in the regional or global language, you connect with the customers on cultural and regional levels. They would be happy to know that you do not follow any cultural taboos and you’re open for all. 


Higher Ranking in SEO- Yes, the translations do matter in the ranking on the search engines. It understands the translated content. For instance when someone is searching in their native language and if your website has a translated content in that, your site will rank higher. As your website’s content has the most relevant content for the searches. 


Increased Conversion Rate- The research says that the customers prefer buying goods and services when they are described in the native language. When the content on the website is translated, the chances of your probable customer converting into buyers are higher.

6. Legal Industry

When it is about law everything revolves around what you speak, write, and listen to. The future of the court’s decision is dependent on the prooves presented, the statements given by the witnesses, and the fair argument.


When you are in a foreign land it becomes vital to put your point in front of the judiciary. It is especially necessary when you do not understand the language and you have to face the foreign judiciary. This is when you need a legal translator or an interpreter who can help you get out of the situation.


Many courts around the world want proof in their native language. The data which is not in the native language is doubted and considered secondary. Also, the language translators are authorized to provide the certificate of translations which assures the quality, accuracy, and completion of the translations. When the translated content is attached with the certification, the court accepts the data and proceeds to the courts ahead. 


The crucial part of this type of translation is that there is no scope for alteration of the content. It has to have an accurate translation, from each word to each phrase and each sentence has to be converted in the target language while adhering to the main context. Any small wrong interpretation of the word can change many lives.  


The language translations help the legal industry in the following manner- 


  • The language translation service affirms that the translations that they provide are accurate and error-free. 
  • The terminologies in the legal content are too comprehensive and technical. The common man cannot understand it. Legal translations help the common man understand it. 
  • The translators are familiar with these terminologies too. When required the translators can also approach the legal experts to take help in understanding the terms.

Choosing the Right Translation Service for Your Industry- Other than the 6 main industries, the demand for translation services is increasing rapidly. Global translations have benefitted international companies from multiple fields to penetrate into new markets. The wise decision will be to choose the right translation agency that will connect with your requirements. Check for an agency that can serve multiple industries and languages. PEC translation services have a range of language experts who are also aware of the requirements from the various industries.

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